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Full Service Security Specializing in Cannabis

The Right Security For Your Unique Requirements


Forest Security gives you a fully-customized security solution that caters to the unique needs of your licensed cannabis business.

We provide everything from complete security systems, video surveillance systems, restricted access control systems, live security monitoring, and security equipment training for you and your staff.

Customized Security

We customize each security system for your facility’s specific needs using top of the line, commercial grade security products. We feature a full line of state-of-the-art equipment  for your burglar/intrusion alarm system monitoring.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance with high-resolution cameras and security analytics powered by AI. Real time video clip notifications. We cover every inch of your business with strategically placed camera systems. You can monitor live HD video of your business from anywhere in the world with web access on a PC, tablet, or even your smartphone. Camera
systems with AI intelligence for superior quality capture.

Access Control Systems

From complex to a stand-alone device, we provide all the products and solutions to meet your security needs. Access control systems allows who has access to your secured building, rooms, and resources in your business. Have a complete history of who went where and when they went there.

Live Video Monitoring

For a secure alternative to onsite security guards, our Live Video Monitoring offers round-the-clock protection of your business. Security guards can’t be everywhere at once, but we can! If a potential threat is identified, highly effective de-escalation tactics are used to deter a crime from occurring and law enforcement professionals are notified faster than with traditional security systems.


We Provide A Complete Security Plan For Your Business

Detailed Security Design Specifications
Complete Security Alarm System
Access Control System
Video Surveillance Camera System
Theft Prevention
Deterrence Measures
Inventory Storage Control


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