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ProSeries Door and Window Contacts


Your doors and windows are your home’s weakest points—and to a burglar, an unsecured door or window is like a big “WELCOME” sign. That’s why contact sensors are some of the most popular home security devices.

Your Forest Security System will be designed to include a contact on every entry/exit door in your home. Accessible windows can also be protected with contacts or an interior motion detector can also be used to protect interior areas of your home.
Almost all door and window sensors use a “reed switch” to determine when a protected area has been breached. A reed switch consists of a set of electrical connectors placed slightly apart. When a magnetic field is placed parallel to the electrical connectors, it pulls them together, closing the circuit. When the magnet is moved away by opening the door or window, the circuit is interrupted and sends a signal to the control panel.

There is also an option to be alerted via email or SMS if a contacted door, window or other device (i.e. medicine cabinet, gun safe or anything else you want to secure) even when you alarm system is not armed.


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