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ProSeries Glass Break Detector

Glass-break detectors


Designed to “hear” the sound of breaking windows, creating a “first line of defense” for your home. They will trigger your alarm system before an intruder can enter. Here are some things to consider about glass-break detectors before you choose them as part of your security system.
Glass-break detectors are designed to prevent a burglar from getting into your home by breaking a window. With window contacts, the window needs to be opened or pushed in for the system to be alarmed but what if the intruder doesn’t open the window frame and just breaks through the glass?

The technology behind glass-break detectors has improved greatly. In the past, the units were susceptible to activation from breaking stemware or china on kitchen tile floors, clanking glasses, teapot whistles, screams, sneezes and even bird chirps. Manufacturers test their detectors on many types of glass, including plate, laminated, tempered and wired. Some new units have dual technology sensing ability that requires the unit to hear a “thump” in addition to a simple frequency detection.

Placement of a glass-break detector is usually on first-floor locations that are not covered by motion sensors, such as back-of-the-house bedrooms. The dining room is another popular location. Also, unfinished basements with windows are susceptible areas for burglars. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling within a 25’ range however, they can not “hear’ through walls or ceilings.


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