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Residential Packages

Forest Security knows your home and family’s security is your number one priority. We make it ours too. With Forest, you can feel assured that we will help you protect what matters most.


i-question Smart Touch Screen  Smart Touch Screen
i-question Perimeter Door Contacts Perimeter Door Contacts
i-question Motion Detector Motion Detector
i-question  Standby Power For Security System  Standby Power For Security System
i-question   Yard Signs & Stickers Yard Signs & Stickers
i-question  Rate Guarantee Rate Guarantee
i-question   SmartPhone Control for Interactive Services  SmartPhone Control for Interactive Services
i-question  Cellular Only Connection (no phone line needed)  Cellular Only Connection (no phone line needed)
i-question  Panel Protection – Smash & Crash Technology Panel Protection - Smash & Crash Technology

*$29.95 / Month

$39.95 / Month

* For Comparison to Competition Only, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OPTION  (LINE CAN BE CUT) Recommended  Secure Connection, Crash & Smash Protection plus Mobile App
SECURITY OPTIONS Installation Monthly
i-question Window / Door Contact Window Door Contact $55.00
i-question Motion Detector Motion Detector $95.00
i-question Glass Break Detector Glass Break Detector $95.00
i-question  Panic Button Panic Button $75.00
i-question  Outdoor Gate Contact Outdoor Gate Contact $179.00 $2.00
i-question  Outdoor Motion Detector Outdoor Motion Detector $299.00 $2.00
i-question  Sump Pump / Water Probe Sump Pump Water Probe $100.00 $2.00
i-question  Additional Keypad Additional Keypad $125.00
Smoke & Environmental Monitoring Installation Monthly
i-question  Smoke Detectors with Low Temp. Freeze Detection  Smoke Detectors with Low Temp Freeze Detection $75.00 $2.00 (Up to 10)
i-question Carbon Monoxide Sensors Carbon Monoxide Sensors $100.00 $1.00 (Up to 3)
Video Options Installation Monthly
i-question  Video Doorbell Video Doorbell $249.00 $6.95 (up to 4 cameras)
i-question Indoor Fixed Lens Video Monitoring Indoor Fixed Lens Video Monitoring $275.00 $6.95 (up to 4 cameras)
i-question  Outdoor Fixed Lens Video Monitoring Outdoor Fixed Lens Video Monitoring $375.00 $6.95 (up to 4 cameras)
Home Automation & Energy Options Installation Monthly
i-question  Remote Thermostat Remote Thermostat $195.00 $1.00
i-question Remote Z-Wave LED Lighting Remote Z-Wave LED Lighting $49.00 $1.00
i-question  Remote Garage Door Remote Garage Door $135.00 $1.00


  • Thermostast Control (System & Smart Device)
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Field Image Sensors
  • Field Garage Door Module
  • Field Outdoor Motion Sensor
  • Field Door Lock

  • Outdoor Contact
  • Wireless Doorbell
  • Indoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Indoor Pan-Tilt Lens IP Camera
  • CCTV Video


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