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Security and Automation Helps to Manage Busy Lifestyles

Trying to run a busy household on top of managing a busy career? Forest Security can help by automating some of your daily activities. See what television host/author/real estate expert, Egypt Sherrod,  had to say after discovering, the technology that Forest Security installs, services and monitors.

Egypt wanted to keep her family safe, but also noted the technology will help to make life a little simpler.



What makes Forest’s technology different?

Customization, you can start out small with our base package, or add as many gadgets as you wish.

“My guy told me we could start small and add more gadgets anytime” says Egypt.

“We landed on a video doorbell,  some video cameras, a remote door lock, garage control, some smart lights, a new thermostat and some sensors for our windows and doors.”

Manage and be in touch with your home from anywhere

“With my app, I can see when doors open and close, and I can lock or unlock the front door—even close the garage—from anywhere,” Egypt says.


“I can also adjust the temperature and the lights right from the same app, so there’s no pressure to remember everything when I leave in the morning, and no coming home to a cold and dark house either.”

Rest easy with total protection

An home isn’t just Smart, it is Forest Safe! We professionally monitor your home 24/7. If there is ever an emergency, we call you to ensure your safety and dispatch authorities when needed.

Don’t trust your safety to just anyone, make sure you are Forest Safe!

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