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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Complete Fire Protection

Forest Security, Inc. will help protect your small, midsize or large commercial business against fire. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system or if you need to install a complete new commercial grade fire alarm system with new alarm panel with pull stations and water-flow switches, etc., Forest will design, install, and monitor your system for complete fire protection.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to your commercial facility. No matter if it is a retail space, factory or school, the protection of all occupants is priority one. All require fire alarm systems to be at current code and regulations and be in excellent working order to protect the facility and everyone inside.


Forest Security has been installing various types of commercial fire alarm systems for over 40 years. We are family owned and operated. Commercial fire alarm systems are complex to design and install. That is why all of our highly skilled and trained technicians are employed by Forest, not subcontracted, so you can be sure you are getting the best of the best when it comes to your commercial fire alarm requirements.

Does your commercial space require an automatic fire alarm, manual fire alarm or both?

An automatic fire alarm sends an audio alarm and visual strobe throughout the building immediately upon detection of heat or smoke to alert all occupants that there is the danger of fire. The manual fire alarm systems have pull stations located throughout the building so that when smoke or a fire is detected by one of the occupants, they pull the lever to alert all others.

Zoned or Conventional Fire alarms consist of separate fire alarms installed in different sections of your buildings. They are all hardwired to one main fire alarm panel but the separate “zones” help in monitoring that all zones are working properly.

Addressable Fire Alarm systems monitor the fire alarms in your building and allows you to choose between manual and automatic alarms. Each installed alarm has its own address so you can see which are in proper working order and which are not.

Hybrid systems combine the conventional fire alarms with the addressable loops of the addressable fire alarm into one fire alarm panel. Combining the technology offers the best solution for some installations.


The technology of a commercial fire alarm system is extremely complex as it consists of many different components. Starting with the main control panel, smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, horn strobes, waterflow switches, to the number of other devices. As technology becomes more advanced, systems become more complex, but this also means that today’s systems are much more reliable than in years past.  Forest uses only the highest quality and best technology for each unique system ensuring your commercial space will be well protected for many years to come.

Your commercial fire alarm is monitored 24/7 by our UL approved central station located just outside of Chicago. Our monitoring station has backup facilities located out of state for redundancy and during peak times of operation. You can rest assured with Forest Security!


All commercial buildings require regular fire alarm inspections performed by certified inspectors to ensure proper working order and compliance with local code. The National Fire Alarm Code recommends a visual inspection twice yearly and an annual function test to ensure all devices are operating properly. A sensitivity test for smoke and gas is a separate required test. All certified test results are documented.

Fire / Life Safety Inspection Guidelines

The Inspection Manual checklist developed by the NFPA provides a detailed checklist that outlines the inspection requirement of each component of a commercial fore alarm system. It assists with function and calibration testing to ensure and document each device has been tested and documented that is in proper working condition.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled inspection, testing and maintenance by a Forest certified technician can eliminate any question about the condition of your fire alarm system. Employing Forest Security as your fire alarm inspection and maintenance company will help to eliminate the possibility of a potential malfunction and ensure safety for all building occupants.

Forest Security, Inc. designs, installs, maintains and monitors state of the art fire, smoke and gas detection systems for every building type and classification. We provide a full range of new technology products ensuring you have the highest quality system available today.


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