Testimonials | Forest Security

From: Doug K. 5/28/24

I want you know how satisfied I was with my phone call with your Forest rep yesterday and today.  She not only gave me what I needed but stayed late to get it done when I expressed the importance of it.  Please give her the recognition she deserves for taking care of the me and then following up today.

I hope you all have a great day!

Warmest regards


From: Jan  5/21/24

Attn: Management
We just had our new security system installed… We wanted to let you know that we are very happy/pleased with the work done by the installer. He was very professional and explained everything in a way we could understand. We would not hesitate to recommend Forest Security, Inc.


Google Review 5/10/24
I was on the fence about purchasing a cheaper DIY system but could not be happier going with Forest Security. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and I trust their services over the other options. Your tech, who installed and taught me the system, was fantastic and very detail-oriented. You can just tell he really cares about his work and that means a lot. Highly recommend!


From Jon: 5/10/24

Your tech came over this morning and just wanted to say he was absolutely awesome and I’m very happy we went with your company. He is very personable, detail-oriented, and just a pleasure to work with. He did great work and was very helpful in teaching me the system (this is my first security system) and answering all my questions.

Thank you very much for the pricing of the panes too! You all are fantastic, we’re very happy customers so consider me a new loyal customer. I know in the future we’ll be interested in adding more components but have a lot of costs at the moment with the new house.

Thanks again!

From Julie: 4/19/24

My husband and I moved to the North Shore of Chicago last year. We had an alarm system in our prior house and wanted to duplicate the security system in our new house.

I did a great deal of research into the available security companies in our area. We selected Forest Security after meeting with their representative at our house. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. We felt extremely comfortable with Forest Security and decided to choose them over their competitors.

We just had our security system installed and we could not be happier. Forest’s installer really understands security systems and took the time to share his expertise with us so that we had a comfort level with our system.

We would highly recommend this company and feel we received superior service, product and really good value.


From: Kenneth M. – 3/15/24

The technician was very helpful, really was helpful !!

From: Dr. A.. – 3/15/24

Your tech came right in time. He knew exactly what could be problem with camera recorder and corrected it.

From: Elizabeth M. – 3/15/24

Professional, kind and fixed the issue. It was the same man that installed the system. Nice to see him still there.

From: Joe C. – 3/15/24
Just very pleased with your service
From: Alan G. – 3/15/24
Cindy and the technician that serviced our house are the best!!
From:  Martin G. 1/25/24
 I just wanted to tell you that your customer service rep did a great job for me today with a technical issue with my thermostat. I called this morning about a setting and she tried to help me, but said that she wanted to talk to one of the technicians to ensure that she gave me the right info. She called me back this afternoon and walked me through the fix on the app.
In a time where customer service calls can sometimes be contentious or frustrating, she was polite, professional and very helpful. You and the team have always been responsive and she fits right in.
From:  Salvatore C. 1/12/24
The gentlemen that showed assisted us with solving our issue. In addition, he reprogrammed our system to allow us to move about our home during an armed stay without our sensors going off. I am very pleased with Forest Security at this time.
From:  Eleni S. 1/12/24
Serviceman was very friendly and professional!!
From:  Sergio M. 12/22/23
Technician was great.
From:  Connie W. 12/22/23
Your employee was excellent, so helpful and understanding. guided me through the entire process of my alarm. very happy with your service and tech.
From:  Lenka O. 12/08/23
Our installation was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to talk us through the impact of installing our security system in our home so that we felt comfortable with what he would be doing and where he would be working
From:  Pola M. 12/13/23
Your tech is the best!!! I tell you, he made the process effortless for me and unit owners. Great customer service and goes above and beyond for his customers. We need more techs like this in all industries. thanks!
From:  Steve S. 12/12/23
Your tech was just out on a service call today and he was great! He called me when he was on his way. He took his shoes off before entering my home. I was very happy with his service!!
From:  Walter S. 12/10/23

Great security systems with great service. The cellular coverage in my area changed a year after the alarm was installed FOREST came out immediately and replaced the radio communicator with a new one to account for the cellular service changes in my area which provided uninterrupted protection for my home.

The installers are nothing but the best they know the job. They do great installs not just does equipment work perfectly, but it is Cosmetic appealing. Everything is installed in great locations and is plum in square.

From:  Lena O. 12/8/23
Our installation pert was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to talk us through the impact of installing our security system in our home so that we felt comfortable with what he would be doing and where he would be working
From:  Margaret F. 12/8/23
Tech did a great job. I Appreciate it!
From:  Robert Z. 12/5/23
As always….. THE BEST THERE IS!
From:  James J. 12/4/23
Tech came right on time, knew what he needed to do, and worked very efficiently and thoroughly to make sure all doors had working sensors and that they were properly identified on the control panel. He also trained us on operation of the system.
From:  Paul J. 11/25/23
It has been frustrating troubleshooting an intermittent problem, but Forest has been responsive and worked to make the system work the way it is supposed to. Hopefully, this will be the last of 5 service calls to resolve the issue
From:  John C. 11/24/23
Great job.
From:  Virginia C. 11/16/23

Customer Service was just fine. I went with his suggestion and am very happy.

From:  Tom T. 11/16/23

Serviceman was great

From:  Randy T. 11/2/23

The installer did an excellent job!! We love our system.

From:  JoAnn C. 10/17/23

Very professional. Installed the wall device without exposing any wires or scratches on the paint. Explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend forest security !

From:  John P. 10/16/23
Everyone I worked with was very nice and helpful. The issue was resolved. Thank you.
From:  Josephine F. 10/16/23
Your tech was helpful and super nice!
From:  J.F. 9/25/23

Our alarm system installation was completed today and I want to note the professional work of  your technician. He was polite, personable, and task-focused throughout and his attention to the small details of the installation (right down to lining equipment up with our wallpaper) was exemplary.


We appreciated his thoughtfulness and that he was conscientious in letting us know when he would arrive/leave and that he asked for permission before coming/going and using our equipment. We felt in good hands.


Count us as currently satisfied customers.

From: Jim S.  9/7/23       
We’re going to try and steal your tech away from you.  We are not able to pay him much of anything and are hoping the joy of spending time with me and (my co-worker) would be enough compensation!
He really helped yesterday, just as he does always.  All of your guys are awesome, but this tech always knocks it out of the park.  He breaks things down for me so I even get a better understanding.
Thanks again for your help in coordinating everything with us.
Have a good one,
Jim S.
From: Garcia S.  8/23/23       
The service was phenomenal. (Your Tech) did a thorough job. Took his time to show me everything. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for alarm.
From: Annette H.  8/3/23

Thank you so much for all your help! Your tech was so helpful and so kind!  Your customer service is amazing!

Thanks again!


From: Walter S. 8/2/23      Star Rating

Great, reliable, quality service and equipment latest technology the systems work and are not easily defeated like some other alarm systems.

From: Joe S.  6/28/23

FYI..Excellent service technician ..very pleasant and experienced..

From: Joe P.   4/25/23

Your crews were great to work with and everyone else who was out there.  Very professional and were very helpful during the state inspections.


Joe P.

From: Thomas K.  4/17/23

I would like to comment on our installation. We have never had a service tech so prompt on his arrival. I mean exactly at 8:00 am, not a minute too soon or too late. Amazing !   That was only the beginning, Jason is a true professional, – knowledgeable, hard working, communicates every step of the process, answers any and all questions clearly, cleans his work areas better than when he arrived. Also, his personality and people skills are top rate. We are very pleased with Forest employees,equipment and all attention to service.

From: Doug B. 4/14/23

Dwayne made a service call today to Doug B.’s house. He called back to let us know how great our tech was. He said he was smart, nice, and knowledgeable. Really knows what he is doing. He was very happy with him!

From: David S. 4/13/23
To: The Forest Team

I received wonderful feedback from our location specific to the camera project.  Thank you so much for your efforts.  They do not go unnoticed. Everyone mentioned how courteous your team was.

From: Peter G. 2/24/23
The techs did a great job installing our security system last week.
Thank you.



From: Dan W.  2/18/23

I just wanted to pass my compliments on about your technician and his work yesterday. He was helpful, knowledgeable and very thorough. He’s a Great asset to your company.

I’ve been impressed with the whole Forest team and happy I chose you as the provider.


Dan W

From: Jason P.  2/17/23
Your installer 
was here yesterday ... 😁
What a nice guy
Very professional 
And helpful!!!!
We were very pleased with his service call. 
He took us through the operation of setting up and using 
The system 
We are very happy 
Thank You
From: Gracilia C.  1/26/23

Hello Cindy,

Thank you for installing the doorbell camera today.  The technician who came, was wonderful!!
Graciela C.
From: Joel A.  12/30/22

Hey, Cindy, good morning.

It was concluded with satisfied the installation of the cameras as planned, on time and within the expected (time-frame).

I want to thank you for the partnership and this work, wish your people and you a happy new year full of new perspectives and success.

From: Richard J.  12/20/22

We’re happy with your service.

If you didn’t know, a couple years ago, late at night, your system sensed a break-in, I was instantly alerted, I was able to get on the cameras and confirm a burglar (in our cash room with a four-foot crowbar trying to get into the back of the change machines).

I confirmed with your dispatch and the Chicago Police and the wail from the alarm finally made the burglar head out after only about three minutes. Cops were there a couple minutes later, of course they didn’t catch him, but your system saved me from thousands of dollars of losses if he had had time to get into all three machines. In the end, he just bent some stuff and wrecked a floor safe (dummy tried to lever it open with his crowbar).

Thanks again! you can use me as a good reference.

From: Tom M.  12/9/22

Excellent price ,excellent service.

From: Ken S.  12/4/22

Great efficient knowledgeable response from the technician who was very friendly and likable. He fixed our problem quickly.

From: Barrie M. 11/4/22

Tim helped us cover all critical areas in a cost effective way. Junior was extremely friendly, efficient, and professional during the install. He worked hard to finish everything in 1 day.

From: John 11/3/22

Hi, this is John …there was a worker at my house. He is a very good worker and did an outstanding job . I would highly recommend him . He was very personable and knew exactly what he was doing.

From: Diane G. 10/24/22
So far, very happy with your service. No complaints.
From: John R. 10/23/22
Both Gentlemen were extremely conscientious and explained what they were doing. I will continue to recommend Forest Security.
From: Tim K.. 10/23/22
Jim arrived early and went through the trouble shooting and fix quickly. It’s nice to get extremely knowledgeable and experienced technicians.
Thank you!
From: Joan M.  – 10/18/22

Your installer is wonderful ! He was very polite, very patiently installed the necessary components. Explained how to work the wall panel and the key fob.

From: Lachele. 10/17/22

Great customer service. The technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend you to others.

From: Judith B.  – 10/17/22

Jim was able to supply just the batteries our detectors required.

From: Marianne M. 10/10/22
Your technician  just left my home after a service call. He is an asset to your company, very professional, and that’s very hard to find!
From: Salvatore C. 10/10/22
I recently purchased a new security system for my home from Forest Security. I was impressed with, Ms. Cindy Krajecki, who continuously answered my questions over the phone. The installer that came to my home was extremely professional and courteous finishing a complex installation in one day. I continue to be impressed with the customer service of this company and would recommend them wholeheartedly if you are looking for a security system for your home!
From: Paul B. –  9/10/22

As always EXCELLENT!!!

From: Toula S. –  9/10/22

So far we are very happy with everything. We left the company that we were with for 17 years to switch to Forest security.

From: Barry B. –  9/9/22

The gentleman who came did a terrific job. Very thorough, professional and helpful when answering my questions.

From:  7/2/22

Great service, helped explain a lot of questions we had about the app, and the existing system…

From:  Aerial M. –  7/1/22

We’ve enjoyed our service so far! The equipment is great and everyone we’ve talked to from the company has been nice! The only thing that was odd was it seemed like it took a very long time for the install.. the technician was here for over 4 hours.

From:  Joan S. –  7/1/22

Your tech was great!

From:  Dawn C. –  6/17/22

Office communicated change in schedule – technician showed up on time, friendly, professional and fixed the problem. Perfect.

From:  Sam A. –  6/17/22

excellent service and outstanding communications with all

From:  Vito C. –  6/12/22

Very good – techs are great Carolyn is great ! So far so good !!

From:  Joe C. –  6/11/22

The technician was very helpful and courteous

From:  Joanna C. –  6/6/22

Hi Cindy,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for you and Caroline getting our new system installed so quickly. I truly appreciated all your guidance and help.

I also want let you and Brent’s supervisor know how great he was in installing this system. He was so helpful and patient. I’m sure I asked so many dumb questions and he was very knowledgeable and patient. A truly great technician on your team.

Best regards,

From: Luis H. –  5/27/22

Quick and competent, very pleased.

From: Geri O. –  5/27/22

Excellent job, as usual. Thanks for asking.

From: Richard M. –  5/22/22

An absolutely professional technician. He was patient, easy to understand and quick to answer any and all my questions in terms I could easily understand. In my opinion, he is an asset to your organization.

From: James C. –  5/20/22
Techs were great
From: Sam C. –  5/13/22
Great to work with, thank you for everything…
From: Thomas Y. –  4/30/22
Appreciate the great customer service!
From:  April M. –  4/26/22
I wanted to drop a short note to tell you how impressed I have been with Forest Security.  You replied to my inquiry quickly, scheduled the installation almost immediately, and sent a very competent employee to my home.  Junior knows his security systems!  He was very thorough in his instructions, he kept me posted on what he was doing, and he left the rooms almost cleaner than he found them!
Mega stars to you and your team!


From:  Michael B. 4/12/22
Cindy is great to deal with. I have an alarm system at my office which Forest put in many years ago. It’s never been a problem so when it was time for one in my home, I called Cindy at Forest and she set it up in no time.
From:  Patrick S. 3/29/22

Very impressed with my alarm system and how easy it is to work.  Brent and Shaun did a tremendous job installing.

Thank you for everything!

From:  John S. 3/14/22

The gentleman that did my installation was incredible.

From Paul J. 2/28/22

5 star rating   Yelp Review
I contacted Forest Security when my current company could not get my system to work for more than a few days at a time. After several service calls, which I was charged for, and several days of missed work for technicians to visit my home, I still didn’t have a working system. Forest came out and realized the problem immediately. They took over my system. They moved and installed fire and carbon monoxide detectors that would actually save a life. They were knowledgeable, efficient and respectful of my home while they worked. Forest charges the same amount as the other company for monitoring. I strongly recommend them for homeowners. You are just another little account to those big companies. Forest took my “little” account and treated me like I was their most important “big” one.

From:  Michelle S. 2/28/22

Junior did a great job, kept me informed on his progress, showed me how to use the system and cleaned up perfectly before leaving. Outstanding service! Thank you Cindy for being so patient with me when I’m hard to reach!

From: Paul J. 2/28/22

Installer was very knowledgeable and respectful to my home. Service is working as promised. Very happy I made the switch to Forest.

From:  Graciela C. 1/30/22

I appreciate that Forest Security still has a personal touch which almost all other companies have lost!

From: Sven A.   1/20/21

Glad the new system is in. No more trouble. Brent (and his colleague) were great.

From Pete E. 12/23/21


Thank you taking the time to stop at my house yesterday.  Your personal attention is unmatched by anyone I have worked with in the past.  Lisa was very happy with the technician.  Unless I am mistaken, it sounds like she moved the detector which is why he could not locate it.  I appreciate your concern and follow up  on my problem. This is why I like dealing with your company.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


From Michael K. 11/21/21

Thanks…Tom was a big help today with the locksmith. Jennifer’s sleeping easier now that you’re on board.

From John T. – 11/10/21

Good Morning,

John T. called this morning after Dwayne left. He wanted to let us know how outstanding he is. He advised he has been there before and is always so fantastic. He said the owner of the company even came out and spoke with Dwayne and he was super helpful. The owner of the company told John what an amazing man we have right there, in regards to Dwayne. I just wanted to pass this awesome compliment on to all of you!


From Debbie – 11/9/21

Forest is top notch when it comes to security. Their customer service is unmatched and after all these years, I trust Forest to keep me safe and not raise my rates. The app is Genius! Thank you, Forest for the peace of mind every day.

From Mikhail K. – 10/18/21

Very good communication, user friendly product, super staff!

I cant remember the young mans name that was here (Dwayne)  but he is an excellent representative of your company. Very nice young man and very knowledgeable. Knew what he was doing very efficient courteous,prompt.and well ambitioned.

From Lesleigh S. 10/20/2021

5 star rating   Yelp Review

Professional, knowledgeable and responsive!  Everything you want in a business running your security!

From: Dick B.. 10/12/21

Junior did a very nice job. Extra care in his work. Very nice and professional. Please let management know.

Dick B.

From: Richard M. 9/27/21

Cindy, I have always appreciated the great service you have provided to me… both my home and my business.

Richard M

From: Giacomo G. 9/2/21 – Yelp Review

5 star rating
We used Forest Security to install our security system in November/December 2020 in our new home, and I couldn’t be happier. Tim Fundarek from Forest went above and beyond in working with us to make sure all of our security needs were met. He initially came out to do a walkthrough to see what was needed and answered all of our questions thoroughly. The professionalism and care that Tim showed us was top notch, and he is the reason we ended up using Forest Security for our security system. It is employees like Tim that will keep me loyal and the reason I recommend Forest to all of my family and friends. I have also spoke to Forest a few times over the phone and dealt with some of the technicians that came out to our house. Everyone was very pleasant and extremely helpful. Thank you Forest for having employees like Tim who’s professional zeal is unmatched in the security industry. We couldn’t be more pleased.

From: Eric W. 8/16/21

I’ve been very impressed by Forest Security on all levels of service in our brief time with them. Context: the family, we bought our home from had Forest prior. My fiancée were new to security systems as this was our first time living in a SFH. When I first called Forest, Cindy was able to explain to me all the different options of what we could look at, and it was never a hard sell on their end. Carolyn came over for a in person consultation and was able to quickly assess what we had and what we needed based on our requirements. Dwayne (sp?) was our in-person install technician and I found him to be incredibly helpful, courteous in explaining the system and what was happening with each change/upgrade. While we have only had our system up for a week now, the entire process made it easy to work with them.

From: Rita  8/10/21

What a wonderful job Dwayne did today. He was so nice and friendly, and extremely patient. He showed me how to troubleshoot my camera if the issue happens again in future.

From: Edith G.  6/28/21

Everyone I spoke with was helpful and really understood my predicament also they followed up on all promises.  Thank you for your service and your patience and kindness.


From: Mike H. 6/24/21


I wanted to reach out to let you know how awesome you and your entire team are. The fact that you came out so quickly, you and your teams knowledge and understanding, Cindy’s delightful candor and help every step of the way and Tom simply knocking it out of the park today. I know for a fact that this will be a great business relationship and look forward to growing with you guys…


Please let me know if everything went through ok…Thankfully you guys have Cindy as I would have screwed that portion up without her assistance.

Jay, have a wonderful evening and thank you again for an awesome job!


With Kind Regards,

Mike H.

From: Dana H. –  6/16/21 – Yelp Review

5 star rating

Caroline was our safety professional. She had all the updated technology we were looking for to secure our home. She took the time to walk us thru the process of areas in our home that needed securing besides just the entry doors. She was very informative of the new front door technology I was looking to add on as well to our home. Very professional , honest and trusted her advice.

From: Anonymous –  6/2/21

Dwayne was thorough and provided excellent customer service during our interactions.
I can always count in Forest for reliability and attention to detail on anything I bring to their attention.

From: Reda M. –  5/24/21 – Yelp Review

5 star rating

From beginning to end every aspect of this business relationship was perfect. We started out with The salesman Tim coming out to our place and giving us an estimate and explaining all the details, which he did and he was very professional and answered all our questions you could tell he knew what he was talking about. actually our first encounter with Forest Security began with a call to the office where we encountered two women (Lauren and Carolyn) that we spoke with both very pleasant and professional always knew who we were and what we wanted and followed up immediately. They came and did installation on time and no canceling. They sent a young man named Derrick who was exceptional in work ethics, kept everything clean and tidy. He knew what he was doing and he did it well. He kept us in the loop as the installation progressed. I can’t say enough nice things about this company and work team. We also had more than one company give us an estimate and Forest Security had the best bang for your buck all around. I highly recommend Forest Security.

Thanks again guys. Reda M.

From: Nancy M. –  5/2/21

Any company is only as good as its service, yours is excellent.

From: Chuck M. –  5/1/21

Tommy and Tim and Brian are great!

From: Mary S. –  4/29/21

Hi Cindy!
It was nice chatting with you the other day. Good news- the new buyers are going to stay with Forest. I’ve past along your email so they can reach out and set up their account.

It has been a pleasure doing business!  Thank you for protecting our home these past years!

From Meg F. 4/21/21 – Yelp Review

5 star rating

Forest Security has consistently executed prompt, professional service. The office staff are polite, professional and knowledgeable. The technicians are personable, Covid safe and go the extra mile to resolve any security issue. I have used other security companies in the past for my burglar alarm system but Forest Security has always excelled in making me feel safe and secure in my home. The Forest Security team continues to stay current in technological advances affording their customers the latest in security systems. I highly recommend Forest Security for both residential and commercial needs.


From Michael L. – 4/12/21

Top notch service with knowledgeable first rate technicians!- You can see and feel that Forest Security is a superior company that takes pride and care from the owner down to its technicians! When they are done they leave the place immaculate!


Posted on Social Media: 3/23/21

Has anyone had a good experience with an alarm company?

Julie G.
Forest Security, Inc. Ask for Cindy K, tell them I referred you. It’s local and run by retired law enforcement officers. I have had police respond within minutes of my alarm going off. Have a key fob, wall panel and mobile app. (708) 453-1200


Dimitri E.
I second Forest Security


Jennie C.


From Jim W.  3/5/21

Thanks for all of your help!!! Forest rules!


From Tina C. 2/27/21

Were you happy with your recent service from Forest Security?
YES YES YES FABULOUS!!! Both Tim and Brent were absolutely incredible. Will be recommending your company to many friends!
Everyone at your company is the very best! ! Your customer service is the best I’ve ever had to deal with across the board…you should be very proud of ALL your associates!
Thank you for being such a caring company.


From C. R. 2/15/21 – Yelp Review – 5 star rating

Forest is a family owned and they care about every customer. You are able to get a hold of a person any time of the day. I love my system that was installed by Forest it works perfectly. Everyone is the office is so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you forest!



Brent (the installer) was excellent and was very informative!


From:  Maureen W. 1/28/21

Jim, the technician, did an excellent & thorough job.


From:  Gerri O. 12/21/20

 I am so glad my neighbors recommended your company. Having these cameras around the perimeter of my house gives me peace of mind. I can check out my back and side yards before I leave my dog out at night. You never know what is around out there, two or four legged. – Everyone I dealt with from your company was professional and pleasant. You can’t ask for more than that.

From: Mario W. 12/10/20

Just wanted to let you know Brent and Adel have been excellent. Wonderful customer service and always answer our questions.

Great employees !


Mario W.

From: Margaret D. 12/2/20

Outstanding! You are all So special ! Your response was fantastic. Thank you so much for all you do.

From: Apex Wood Flooring 11/18/20

Dwayne (Forest Tech) was at my company on Monday and did an outstanding job!  He  worked hard and explained everything.  Dwayne represented Forest Security very well, and offered a great experience. If Dwayne ever left Forest, I would hire him.

John… Apex Flooring

From: Nielsen’s Bakery 11/1/20

Very good service and excellent prices.

From: Matthew G. 10/22/20

Installing doorbell took longer than we thought…- but the response was very quick! Would recommend Forest in a heartbeat.

From: Matthew  10/22/20

Hello Cindy!
Thanks for assisting in the great install today. Very happy with everything.

From: Andrew C 10/14/20

Outstanding service all around! Tim, who provided the estimate and configured the system, was a pleasure to work with and Brent, the installer, was incredibly friendly, organized, and hard working.

From: John C. 9/3/2

I was very impressed with Mr. Rutili’s knowledge and experience. It was pleasant speaking with and learning from his expertise. In the event things do not work out in the future with (my current company), I will be looking to transfer service to Forest Security based on the experience I had with Mr. Rutili. I would also not hesitate to recommend Forest in the future based on my conversation with Mr. Rutili.

Thank you,

John C.

From: Ravi P. 7/20/20

5 star rating (Yelp review)

Amazing service and great price. We bought a home in Lincoln Park that already had a great security system installed with all of the equipment we would need. However, I called 6 different companies, 4 of whom came out, and insisted that I would need to purchase more products from them in order to start the security service. Additionally, most were $55+ per month for a system that could be armed/disarmed remotely via our cell phones. Forest Security came in and did a very thorough evaluation. Agreed that we had everything that we needed for security. Made some recommendations for fire and flood protection, which we were already looking into, and helped with a takeover of the system with only a 2 year contract compared to 3-5 years for many other companies. We’ll definitely be with them for longer. The install was also quick and painless. He came in, reprogrammed and tested everything, and required minimal input from us so that we could keep working. All around great service and a shout out to Carolyn for helping us get set up.

From: Sharon N. 7/18/20

5 star rating (Yelp review)

Forest upgraded our fire system and then upgraded our camera system and did both in a timely manner. They are very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. A few weeks after the cameras were installed we had someone break in the building and stole mail on several days. Forest helped our local police department to catch the guy by providing them with the video of him. We owe them so much for their help with this and would recommend them to anyone! Many thanks to the Forest team!!!!

From: Roberta V.     6/13/20     Star Rating (Google Review)

Excellent value, rapid response time and unparalleled customer service. Highly recommend them!

From: Roberta V.

5 star rating    (Yelp Review)    6/13/2020

We needed an alarm system installed ASAP. Carolyn, our professional, courteous and knowledgeable sales representative, understood my concerns and really stepped up to the task. Forest Security had a quick turnaround time and in less than a week, we had a new security system and peace of mind (which is priceless). They are thorough, reasonably priced and always willing to go that extra mile. They honestly make you feel more like family than a customer. I highly recommend them for all your security needs!

From: Jason A. – 6/13/20

The tech who did the install was incredibly friendly and considerate.

From: Joan S. – 6/5/20

Carolyn and Rey were outstanding !!!!!

From: Michael Z. – 6/5/20

The tech was very nice & respectful & fixed the problem that we were having.

From: Sergio T. – 5/31/20

The worker was very professional and answered all of questions

From: Alvin R. – 5/30/20

Have always felt that Forest has their customers best interest and safety

From: Janet K. – 5/25/20

The representative who came to the house was pleasant and professional.

From: Patrick M. – 5/25/20

The technician was helpful, friendly and efficient. He is a great representative of your company. – We are very happy with Forest Security.

From: Loretta F. – 5/19/20

The agent was friendly, polite and finished and wasted no time in getting the job done.
I have used Forest Security for many years. I’ve never had any problems and feel very safe with the service.

From: Berardino O. – 5/19/20

efficient and on time!

From: Myra G. – 5/18/20

The young man who came out to service my unit was fabulous . He called to let me know that he was on his way so I was expecting him – He was thorough and checked for problems and I did have a problem. He was great at troubleshooting.

From: Pamel C.  4/30/20

Everyone was very pleased with the installation and very happy with Brian!!!!


Pamela C.

From: Sarah E. 4-28-20

5 star rating (Yelp Review)

Forest is hands down the best in the area! Their customer service and response time is unmatched. Carolyn was knowledgeable, professional and patient with me. Carolyn and Jay make an amazing team and they’re also really great people! I would recommend Forest to anyone.

From: Val S. 2/27/20

5 star rating  (Yelp review)

Well, where do I start? Carolyn, our sales representative. If you’re looking for a company that makes you feel you’re like part of their family, not just an account number then Forest is for you. When Carolyn walked in the door you just knew you had a gem of a person to deal with, and she proved to be just that. We sat at the table and it felt like I had known her forever. She was so likable from the very start. From going over all your options, to answering all my questions fully without ever making me feel pressured, or that I was asking a dumb question.

The professional installation went smoothly from start to finish, with them being respectful of our home at all times. Carolyn’s patience in explaining how to operate the equipment can’t be matched, and it was so important to completely understand the usage of our new alarm system. Her follow up calls to make sure we were pleased with everything was rare to find now of days. If you have to call for any reason, your concerns will quickly be addressed.

The company itself was a treat to deal with. I don’t recall all the others names, Tim was one, and I believe Brian. But they all deserve kudos.

March 30, 2020:   Soooo, I must add to my previous post. Had a small issue during our current Stay In Place order over the Coronavirus. Carolyn came to my home with a proper face mask, rubber gloves, and a disinfectant kit. Problem solved. Like a said, THE BEST!

From: Christopher S. 2/4/20

5 star rating  (Yelp review)

The school I work for has always used Forest since I have been there ( 7 years). I have nothing but great things to say of them and the service that they provide. Great customer service, great technicians, and advanced knowledge in their field. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

From: John C.  1/11/20


We recently had our building security system finished in the fall and are very happy with the results.

My house is currently serviced by (another) and would like to set up an appointment to update my system and switch over the service to your company.

Can you let me know some times that you have free (for a site survey).


John C.

From: Maggie K.

5 star rating 1/12/2020
I’m a recent customer of Forest Security and switching from my old system to Forest was very easy and quick. Carolyn made sure everything I needed was taken care of and she was extremely professional. I am so glad I made the switch!! Thanks!!!!

From: Jerry B. 12/16/19


Thank you so very much for your extra mile service, especially at this time in the season.  I appreciate your
time so very much.
I wish you and, your family the very best of this Christmas season.
Jerry B.

From: James B. 11/28/19

Thank you for a great installation team and a flawless cutover!

From: Brian D. 11/07/2019

Subject: the BEST security company

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for your email of October 25, which I missed.

Rest assured that the issues have been completely addressed by Cindy, and things are working well.

I feel very fortunate to have met your dad and become a Forest customer!

Have a great day,


From: Margaret M. 11/03/19
5 star rating
Great people! Systems are easy to use and convenient. The team at Forrest is very helpful and knowledgeable.

From: – Susan B.  9/30/19

Carolyn was so thorough, informative and timely throughout the process. Brent was an incredible tech. We felt so supported, informed and cared for by both Carolyn and Brent. Their professionalism and empathy were top notch. We are finally sleeping at night and so happy with the system! We have recommended Forest to all of our friends and neighbors.


From: – Linda. H. 9/25/19

This is the third property that Forest has put a system in. Great job !

From: – Mrs. H. 9/13/19

Kim is a kind man. He answered all my questions. He was on time, I’m very happy and will definitely recommend him to my family & friends.

From: – Claire M. 9/13/19

Mike  is very impressive, should be a trainer for all of your techs. He is terrific and outstanding! You have a real winner on your team!

From: Deborah A. 8/26/19

Hi Christine,
I hope all is well! Thanks for the follow-up. I wanted to call, but I’ve been pressed with work; I figured I’d drop a quick line just to compliment Mike on how great he was.
Mike was very personable, vigilant, & creative. He was easy to talk to and explained the alarm system thoroughly, allowing me to educate other people in my life who will visit & need their own code. Whenever he ran into a small issue—whether it was placement of the alarm itself or how to ensure the placement looked good—he was forthcoming & happy to put in any extra work to ensure quality. He even offered to paint a strip of wall where the old alarm system was! After asking what I’d like, he installed a panel & mounted the alarm on the panel, which I loved. I was very pleased with his professionalism and the amount of dedication & creativity he clearly puts into his job. I really appreciated his willingness to involve me in the process, and his attention to detail.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some feedback; all the best to you.
Deborah A.

From: Stephanie R. 8/13/19

Jerry was very polite, he went above and beyond and is the best technician I have ever had work in my home! I am very happy!

From Barb R.  8/12/19

Hi Jay,

Thank you! Your installer Kim,  was very professional, courteous, efficient.

Appreciate it!
Sent from my T-Mobile Device



From Joan M, 8/13/19

Hi Jay,

Mike is wonderful! I love how he talks and explains everything nice and calm, he is a great kid to have working for you. I am very happy with new system but I still needs a cover plate for back of my control panel.

Also, give the residents here more info on the thermostat, I think a lot of us would be interested.



From Mr & Mrs H. 8/12/19

Good morning Mr. & Mrs. H.,

I am following up on your installation you had yesterday afternoon with Keith, please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is our feedback….PESKY…. Keith is professional, earnest, sincere, knowledgeable….YAHOO!


From Jackie R. 8/9/19

Hi Kim, Your company needs 20 more of you! The install job was very neat and clean. I really appreciated the lesson you gave on how to use the system.
Have a great rest of the week Kim, great job!

From Patricia B. 8/8/19

This gentleman who completed my work deserves a bonus. He was pleasant, helpful, thorough and really knew what he was doing. If anyone deserves a bonus, it certainly is him.

Sent from my iPad

From Judith M. 8/8/19

Hi Brent, You did a great job and thank you for explaining everything to me perfectly. I couldn’t be happier!

From Ben C. 8/7/19

Keith is a great employee and a great guy! He did a great job… A+!

From David O. 8/7/19

I appreciate all you guys are doing. The locksmith did an excellent job. Tom and crew are knocking it out of the park!  Thanks for everything.

From Nancy C. 8/6/19

Hi Mike,

I must say you get complemented on by every one of your customers!!! Nancy said she just adores and loves you! You were so amazing and wonderful! Can’t argue with that!!!


5 star rating Yelp Review

From Joesph R. 8/2/2019
THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!! I love it soooooooooooooooo much. It didn’t cost me anything to install. I got my protection and my monthly price fits my budget. I normally don’t write reviews but I had to. Plus, the people there are amazing. If you are looking for your home apartment or whatever you definitely should choose them. They give you your money’s worth.

From Pat  7/31/19

Mike was very accommodating and efficient and knowledgeable he is a big asset to your company

From Janet & Joe V. 7/25/19

We just want to say how appreciative and grateful we are for the excellent service we received from Keith when we needed advice a couple of nights ago.  At 1:00 am our smoke detector started beeping because of a low battery.  We called you and were routed to your on-call technician, Keith, and he instructed us on how to handle the situation.  He was polite and patient and very helpful!

Janet and Joe V.

From Joseph M. 7/2/19

I have to contact you, because I am so totally knocked over with the unbelievable help and service we get every time we need something. Dealing with you is like dealing with family! I just can’t say enough, whether it’s with Cindy, or Brent, who helped us today, or any of the others we’ve dealt with over the years, it has ALWAYS been such a pleasant experience! Thank you for everything!

From Inga S. 7/8/19

Thank you , as always, Jim is a great tech!!!

From John M. 6/2/19

Thanks for your excellent service. We really appreciate the fast great service

From Kenneth M 6/24/19

Mr M. called to say how happy he was with Mike (during his security installation). He stated that Mike was SO knowledgeable about the whole system. Mike showed him and his wife how to use the app. he wanted to call and personally tell us how great Mike is. : )

He was also happy Carolyn came out to his house on Sunday (for his security analysis)

From Andra C. 6/22/19

Hello Carolyn,

I enjoyed our meeting and was relieved at your level of knowledge and professional courtesy – tell your dad and mom they did a great job!

From Vasant A.

5 star rating     6/6/2019
Thoroughly professional. Arrive precisely at right time every time. Extremely knowledgeable about each and every equipment they install. Phones are answered promptly. Mike doubly made sure that all systems were working and took time and patience in teaching us all apps. THE BEST.

From David L. 6/4/19

I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service and installation from your company today on our new home security system. The technicians were incredibly professional, pleasant & informative. The attention to detail for a clean install FAR surpassed my expectations…………BRAVO!!!!!!


From Ken F. 5/22/19

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you. Matt was really helpful. He was there during the fire inspection, and very helpful. I’m very impressed with your company. All of my experiences have really been great. And I will sing your praises.

Thanks again.

From William S. – 5/2/19

I know the project got delayed with the brutal winter weather, but it was finished recently, and all is good. I did want to take a moment to compliment your employee Brian. He came back today to train one of my staff. He was very accommodating and informative. When my assistant learned that some additional item needed to get the video to broadcast on the old TV cable system, Brian waited for me to arrive to discuss what was needed, and to even go over some of the training again. He wrapped it up by offering his cell phone and invited us to call—day or night—if any issues or concerns.

 People always take a minute of their time to complain, so I wanted to take moment of my time to compliment Brian—a good employee you have!

From Johnathan T.

(yelp Review)

5 star rating 4/11/2019

Forest has been a pleasure to work with from day 1. I had cameras and burglar alarms installed in all three of my music stores. The owner Jay helped me deal with a contract I had with ADT, the techs were super professional and knowledgeable, and everyone in the office is very friendly. A couple months after getting cameras installed we had a theft at our Chicago location. Their techs came out again at no charge to help us pull the footage for the detective. I’m happy to say the footage helped put this criminal away for a bit and we might actually recover our inventory!

From DM W.

(yelp Review)

5 star rating 4/5/2019

Outstanding company and outstanding service. We had Forest Security install a alarm system in December of 2018 in Chicago. We also had 5 WiFi cameras installed and are now adding a 6th. Their employees are very well informed, extremely polite and totally “service oriented”. No “up selling” just an honest to goodness old fashioned way of doing business. Jay, the owner originally came out and evaluated our needs for our condo. Any questions or issues are immediately resolved by phone or an appointment is scheduled. I’m very grateful to the company for putting me at ease. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a overall great experience.

From Charles S. – April 4, 2019

Nice job Carolyn. You guys did exactly what I wanted. I was most impressed with the installer without a coat who was patient with me on the coordination of the app. I am gonna have a couple questions down the line but want to see how it works for now.

From Howard T. – March 14, 2019


All of us would like to thank you and the entire Forest Security team for all your help in installing and activating our new alarm system. The entire process from our first contact with you, to your scheduling team, on site installation and technical support over the phone was way beyond our expectation. Getting the system up and running in a very short time frame was of paramount importance, you promised us a completion date and actually finished two days ahead of schedule. Forest Security exhibited the upmost in professionalism and we look forward to a long relationship. It will be our pleasure to recommend your services.

 All the best

Howard T.

From Terry M. – January 31, 2019


Terry M.

From Brian D. – January 25, 2019

Forest is one of my favorite companies to do business with and has been for many years.  Please say Hi to Cindy and “Uncle Matt” for me!


From ABC Signs – December 20,  2018

“ask for Cindy, she knows every step of the operation and has been my go to for over 5 years and one…”

From DM. W.. -December 12,  2018

5 star rating
I would like to thank “Jay” Julius J. Rutili for an outstanding experience. We will be getting an alarm system and outside surveillance cameras for our condo. Mr. Rutili called and came out to inspect our unit. He offered suggestions and was very knowledgeable about surveillance laws. We felt very comfortable throughout the whole visit. Never once did we feel pressured. We are waiting for our written quote so we can complete the deal.

From Tom S. -December 7,  2018

Hello Jay,

I just wanted to let you know this guy Brian who is running the install here at Albany is an absolute whiz!!!!!

And besides, you will never find a guy who is more customer focused. All he wants is for us to get exactly what we are looking to accomplish. Really a pleasure to work with……

 Don’t lose this guy!!!

 Happy Holidays

Tom S


From Larry R. – October 31,  2018

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and kindness during the past few months. You have been awesome to my family and we appreciate it very much.


From Richard J. – November 28,  2018

Thanks! By the way, the alarm service is working perfectly, no complaints at all from my end. No false alarms, it works fine, thanks for the good service.

From Gregg S. – October 27,  2018

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome Brian has been during this project. He was so helpful and accommodating and a real credit to your organization. He impressed not only those of us on the IT team but he also made a great impression on our ownership team. As a manager of tech people I can tell you that he is a real asset to your company. Knowing the quality of your people that you had on this job (from quote to installation) makes me extremely happy that we chose Forest to handle our security.


A quick illustration:  we had an issue during construction with our fiber runs. Scott went out of his way to help our tech when he overheard that there was a problem. It was so helpful and considerate and saved us a lot of stress at a critical time of the construction.
Thanks again for being a great partner and we look forward to many, many years of working together.


Gregg S
IT Director

From Diane T. – October 16,  2018

Carolyn, you’re right. You’re installers are so super-nice — Mike’s terrific.

From Dianna E. – October 12,  2018

Bret is awesome!

From Scott E. – August 25, 2018

Hi Jay,

Just wanted to let you know that Brent did a great job on our install yesterday and today. He was polite and very thorough. He went out of his way to answer my questions completely. Also, I like the Alram.com app. It makes managing my alarm system easy.


Scott E

From Steve R. – August 9, 2018

Hi Jay,

First of all, I want to you commend you and your whole organization again for doing such a great job in all phases and aspects of our working together.

I can only imagine that you’ve heard this before, but I want to specifically recognize Tom for being such a great resource.
He is so knowledgeable, a great problem-solver, a clear and patient communicator, reliable and proactive. Really one of the best people I’ve worked with during this whole build out and business development process. Just tonight, before going on vacation, he emailed me with answers to questions that came out of our training session (without my following up) and made sure to c.c. people who would be covering for him.
I look forward to next steps in working with Forest, Tom, and your whole team, including both as our business develops and expands and also for our home.
Jay, I know that you have a lot to do with hiring and retaining people like Tom (and everyone we’ve worked with at Forest) and for the overall culture at Forest.
I’m c.c.ing Claudia and Naomi because they have also had a similar experience as me.
Thanks again and all the best.

From Erin M. – August 8, 2018   5 star rating

Forest Security is simply the best! They helped secure our office needs and even setup a wireless camera doorbell that sends alerts right from your desk! Anything we could have imagined needing, Forest provided a solution. Jerry and Carolyn made the effort to come all the way out to our offices not once but twice to see our needs. It was such a pleasure to work with such kind people Anytime I had a question with connecting to our devices Forest made the effort to schedule an on-sight visit to sit down with me and go through the product. I would 100% recommend. They really do provide the most fully customized service out there! Thanks again! 🙂

From Lance E.. – July 30, 2018   5 star rating

We just had our Forest Security system installed today and I cannot provide more praise for the crew who installed my system. They walked through each set of the install, had me install the app to ensure notifications were working and walked us through everything. The products they are using are current, wireless and accessible via your phone or computer. When we first called Forest, Cindy did a great job of sharing what she thought we would need and gave us options to add on additional services. The monthly cost for our system is reasonable and just knowing when people are coming in and out of the house gives us complete peace of mind. I also will now know exactly when each of my children come home as they all have their own codes. Thank you Forest!

From Jim M. – July 10, 2018

Forest Security has contracts from residential, commercial, municipal, and much more. There is a solid reason for that…. They are hands down the best!

From Lisa S. – June 17, 2018

Highly recommend Forest Security. Their responsiveness and professionalism can’t be beat. Got a response to my inquiry in less than 24 hours, and the installation process was professional and painless. They use top notch equipment and thoroughly explain the system to you. Any questions are quickly responded to. The system is so easy to use, and the peace of mind is priceless. A local company with great ethics and great service.

From Lisa J. – June 16, 2018

Thank you. I really like this system and the ease of use. I am going to try and get the neighbor on the other side of me to look into your company!! And everyone I know, I’m going to let them know how great the experience was. Forest Security does a great job.

From Rose C. June 14, 2018

Hi Cindy,

LOVE IT!! (our new alarm system)
We are very happy and the installers were fantastic!! They were neat, personable and informative.

Thank you for everything! You are an asset to the company and we really appreciate your candor, knowledge and help!

Rose C.

From Tom M. – May 9, 2018


The guys have finished the install (at my mother’s home). They did an outstanding job and did great cleaning up after. When (other company) did an install, I was left with a mess in the basement to clean up.

Need a laugh…Mom likes the new keypad, so I had done good there. Mom would have hated the other system keypad. We checked all the codes to make sure they worked.  After arming the system, tried my code to disarm, put it incorrect several times, then the keypad locked up. Mike (your installer) was so calm and funny through finding out how to unlock the keypad, so that was a learning experience for today.

Sarah will be thrilled having the guys over on Monday doing my new install. Had gone over my system with them, so they would know just what items to bring.  When Mike was leaving, commented to my mother he enjoyed working a well-managed home, ha, wait until he gets to my house, projects everywhere.


Tom M.

May 2, 2018

Hello Jay,

I wanted to give your employees a BIG THANK YOU! I had your company install two cameras on 5/3/18 and Cindy was the first person I talked to and she was so nice and professional. She made the process very easy getting the cameras I wanted and to setup the date to have them installed.

Mike is the person who came to install the cameras. My husband and I were very pleased with his work performance on how he installed the cameras. He took the time to answer all our questions.

I had (another company) install the first two cameras two years ago and my husband and I were very disappointed with the company’s process and how long it to them to get the cameras up and running properly. They did not take the time to answer my questions, they sent me a manual instead to read, and it was no help to me since this was my first time dealing with cameras. Because of this, I did not want to have them install the last two cameras. I found your company through your website and it turnout to be the best decision in having your company install the last two cameras.

I give your company a five-star rating and I will recommend my family and friends to your company. Thank you for you exceptional and honest service.

Veronica T.

From Ally K. – April 19, 2018

Hi Jay,

I wanted to reach out and let you know how awesome Jerry DeFrancisco was today.  He was knowledgeable, patient, through and didn’t rush through the job – didn’t cut a single corner.

Jerry went through every single step, explained where cameras should go and why.  His knowledge completely exceeded your competitor we had over yesterday.  For that very reason we will continue our contract with Forest.

I know Jerry is going back to the office to work on out final security proposal with prices along with the proposal for cameras.  We look forward to getting those from you.

I just have to say it again.  Jerry DeFrancisco was just so awesome!!  You’re lucky to have him.

Ally K.



From Barb C. – March 20, 2018


I would like to tell you how very happy I was with my installation of my new security system on Friday.  The service technician was clean, fast and very helpful. I look forward to referring your company anywhere I can.. thanks again.




From Wally & Jacquie N. – March 15, 2018

The entire experience was great. The people I was dealing with were very professional and made my wife and I feel very confident in our choice. Jay, Carolyn, Cindy, and Brent were all very personable, and made us feel impressed at how trusting with their expertise.

Thank you all.


Wally and Jacquie




From Beth C.- February 20, 2018

Hi Carolyn and Julius,
I hope you are doing well! We are doing great with what we have and so thankful for everything. We will not hesitate to reach out if we want to expand.
This is way overdue, but I want to let you know how amazed we were with Mike and Tim at our campus! They were so extremely accommodating! They worked around kids and learning. They were always so happy to be doing the work and very helpful to anything we need. They even hung some items for us! We loved having them. The kids got to know them and the staff, too. We even honored them at an assembly as “Honorary Pumas” and gave them our school t-shirts.
They are the absolute best and we were sad to see them leave!
Thank you so much!



From Marc L. – February 5, 2018

Jay, can’t thank your guys enough.  I have interacted with many an installer.  These guys really represent your firm well.  Thanks for that.



From: Jess V.. – December 11, 2017



Hi Carolyn –
Please, call me Jess.
Apologies for the delay – I had one last meeting scheduled on Friday and I wanted to review their quote before making a final choice.

We’ve decided to go with Forest Security, mainly because you’ve been so great to work with. You were the only person who followed my request to email me vs call. You made the process clear by communicating your intentions & then following through. If your company is as stellar at other aspects of customer service as you have been at sales, Forest stands far and above the competition.

Thanks so much,
Jess V.

From: Eric D. – December 13, 2017

Jay and Jerry,

I am continually impressed by the people who represent Forest.  Today we had the pleasure of working with Brian Cross on some camera issues.  He has an amazing grasp of what our two different systems can accomplish, and how to set them up on computers and cell phones.  Best of all is his expertise and willingness to teach us how to use the equipment.

OK so yes Brian is great. That isn’t to take away anything from the other Forest technicians who I have met over the years.  And of course the office staff.  You certainly have assembled a great team!

Thank you,




From: Jim M.. – Nov 30, 2017 – Google Business Review

As a crime prevention specialist for over 20 years I highly recommend Forest Security. My system is customized for my home. Very intuitive…easy to use. Fully monitored for fire, heat, cold, glass breakage and more. Hey criminal on my porch…your day is about to go downhill…. Don’t waste your time with the DIY kits or companies like ***. Forest Security is owned by a former law enforcement officer. Their employees are drug screened and very professional. Real people not a corporation with no accountability. I know my stuff. Go with the best. Forest Security.


From: Dawn V. – Nov 29, 2017

Hi Jerry!

Thanks so much for the note!  We had a very nice Thanksgiving, I hope you did too.  I have been meaning to write to you and let you know how much we are enjoying the new system.  We are so pleased and impressed with the system and can’t thank you enough for all your help.  We are very thankful too for Brent’s excellent and precise installation, we are very happy!  Our only complaint is that we didn’t change over sooner.  =)

 Thanks again, Jerry!  We will keep in touch.  Hope to see you around the neighborhood!  


All the best,


From: Mike C. – Nov 22, 2017

Thanks for everything! Brent was great help and great installing the system. He also helped to correct the contact information for my friend that recommended your company to me for my business security.

From: Jim M. – Oct 12. 2017 – 5 Star

If you are serious about your home security you’ll want
the very best . That’s Forest Security.
I wasted so much time with other companies from *** to DYI kits because these systems all go off of your Internet connection and you will have reliability issues. I am an *** customer and they told me flat out that their system wouldn’t even work in my home.
With Forest Security they have a dedicated radio based system that keeps you covered even during electrical outages . It really comes down to Forest Security being the very best home security company you’ll find . Read the other reviews. Do some research and you’ll see it for yourself.
Many thanks to Jay and Cindy for being so patient and helpful. Couldn’t ask for a more professional, knowledgeable installation team and top notch, high end equipment that’s extremely easy to use.
I’ve been involved with crime prevention for over 20 years and I highly recommend Forest Security.

From: Joann B.  9/9/2017

*:D big grin glad to be with such a great company!

From: Don H. 8/29/2017

Hi Jay,

I am a new customer and I would like to compliment Cindy in the office and  John the Installer. You’re very lucky to have such courteous, professional, and extremely nice personnel.  I thank you for them. Glad I met your fantastic company.


Don H.

From: Marcia and Ken D. – Date 8/26/17

Dear Cindy,
Please forward this to your boss and take it as a sincere expression of our feelings toward you!
We want to express our appreciation to you for guiding us through the many aspects of the process of selecting and signing up for the security system.
–You are very personable and friendly from our initial contact and after installation.
–You have an impressive knowledge of the products and system details.
–You helped guide us toward selection of system products and features which would fit our needs.
–You are extremely efficient in facilitating the completion of the formal steps to sign up for the system, and in selecting an installation date.
–You always got back with answers to questions on a timely basis.
You made the whole process very easy, and as a result, we would highly recommend Forest Security.
Marcia and  Ken D

From: Fred K.  Date: 8/24/2017


Jerry and Tomb did a fantastic job!

Great to see Tom again (he put the original (security system) in 17 years ago, awesome!).

Here to serve,

Fred K.

Subject: Job Well Done – July 25, 2017

Jay: I wanted to thank you for sending out Mike to complete the job with the cameras. Often times owners hear only about complaints, so I wanted to highlight the great job Mike and his assistant did over the past few days Installing my cameras. We are leaving for a trip to Europe and we wanted to have the cameras Installed before we left. This gives us more piece of mind now. From day one Mike told us he could make it happen and he did. He quickly explained to us our options and then went straight to work. He is very Informative, he explained how he would install the cameras and how they would work. He has extremely clean work habits; always takes his shoes off, he covers all areas where he lays out his equipment and all the openings in the wall are small and clean. I was present for the mornings Mike was working at my home, and he made a difficult installation look easy. He was also very patient and took the time out to explain for a second time to my wife all of her questions re the cameras’ appearance and locations. Our home looks great with the new cameras; they blend In nicely with the look of our home. Mike also made a few suggestions regarding security for our garage door and garage utility door (installing additional sensors). Which we told Mike we would like to do after we get back from our trip. While I know that Mike is only one person, we will always request that Mike do any additional work at our home. My mother-In-law came by during the installation and spoke with Mike, and now would also like to have Mike come out and give her a quote for camera Installing to her home. Also, I have recommended Mike and your company to my law partner Al. He recently was married and moved into a brownstone in the south loop Chicago. He will need an alarm system and camera set up. He should be calling in the next week or so. He will also be asking that Mike do the work. I also appreciate you coming out to review the job, and we really appreciate Mike’s patience and professionalism. He Is probably one of the best Ambassadors that Forest Security has.
Thank you

George G. A

From: Tariq H. – Date: June 23, 2017 – Google Business Review

I really like this service I feel comfortable and save!

From: Timothy S – Date: May 2, 2017 – Facebook 5 Star

These folks are wonderful, professional, and have earned my trust.

From: Dave O – Date: May 2, 2017

I could not be happier after selecting Forest Security to secure our home. We had received their information from a friend of ours, and we wanted to give them a try. Their pre-sale, customer service was fantastic. The appointment to set up the system in our house was seamless. They even had a supervisor come out and inspect our technician’s work since he was in the area. My wife could not have been happier. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat for any security needs. If you do decide to go with them, hopefully you get Fabian & Mike to look at your place. They did a phenomenal job.

From: Heather Date: Fri, Jan 20, 2017

Subject: Mike and the service call this morning

Cindy, please let the powers that be know that Mike is fantastic, though, you are all probably well aware. He was very thorough, very kind, positive, and dealt with our small “animal farm” of pets incredibly well. I appreciate the effort from Forest to turn us into satisfied customers. I apologize for going off the deep end on you yesterday morning; you dealt with my tantrum very patiently and kindly. Thank you. Hopefully, going forward, I have nothing but good feelings toward our security company. Have a great weekend,
Heather K

Dr. Melinda M sent this email: – Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Hi, Jay: Thank you very much for assisting me with the alarm system. I definitely feel more secure at the new location. I appreciate it very much! FYI…Brent did an excellent job with the install and the tutorial. See you soon
Dr. M

Julie G reviewed Forest Security, Inc. — 5 star January 10 at 4:55pm

Cindy is the best! She will ask all the right questions about your home and security you are looking for and whats best. Hands down best company I have dealt with in a long time. They actually call you ASAP when an alarm goes off and alerts to ensure you are safe!!! Kudos!

Beth O. 10-8-16 – 4 Star

Great Company and Great Prices..Cant beat them

Mike G reviewed Forest Security, Inc. — 5 star July 30, 2016

Hi Jay
..you still in charge ? This company has some of the Best equipment and technicians in the Nation!

P S. 10-14-15 – 5 Star

I started out with a local company in a previous house, who installed then sold out to a national chain. I replaced them with ***, who cannot tell you why your system is beeping or how to fix it, but they can make you wait on hold for an hour to talk to a robo-person. When I bought a new home in River Forest, we asked Forest Security for a bid. From the beginning they were different. Jay bid our home, really listened to our needs, made a few recommendations, and then gave us a bid at a price sufficiently low it surprised me. The technical guys, Tim and Mike and Tom, installed the system — no muss, no fuss, and picked up after themselves. The system is simple enough, even I can make it work. We have upgraded or added to it several times — and we had a network issue (not Forest’s fault) to work through as well — and the guys are always there on-time and get the job done. The office and call center staff have been excellent. Lavita and Linda handle billing and appointments, and have always handled us with courtesy and care. This is a local Chicago-area business. They are real people. They are flexible, not one-size-fits-all, and they listen. I’m a persnickety customer for these kinds of services, and I have yet to have a complaint in two years of service. Highly recommended.

Maria K. – 10/12/2015 – 5 star

I previously had a security system from one of the national companies and didn’t care for the customer service I received. I switched to Forest and am extremely happy with the system they installed for me and the service I’ve received after the installation. When I’ve called I always reach a real person and don’t have to deal with automated phone systems. The technician who installed my system was very conscientious and there was very little disruption in my home. I recommend Forest to all of my friends and family.

Carl C reviewed Forest Security, Inc. — 5 star June 23, 2016

Jay is a very caring person, honest and a security genius. He has been doing this since high school.

Christopher M. 10/8/2015 -5 star

I have been a customer for years and they always have done a great job. Recently had a new system installed and the equipment is great the service was fast and neat and the monitoring is affordable. Hands down a great company with great installers and sales reps. Family feel when you call for help your not calling another country your talking to real people!

Michael L. – 10-6-2015 – 5 star

I just had to replace my business security system because I used a major alarm company that advertises on tv and after 2 years of system problems and disappointing customer service I made the decision to terminate my contact with them!! I asked around and I asked our local police Dept and Forest Security came highly recommended. I have to say I was pleased with their quick response and the warm friendly way they represented themselves it was a painless and informative process. It has been approximately 11 weeks since they installed my new system and have had not one problem and I really love the fact that I can control my system from my iPhone and it monitors and let’s me know who is coming and going I honestly feel they deserve a 5 star rating and I will recommend Forest Security to all my friends and family. I am going to have them install security cameras next that I can view on my iPhone also I will update my review and let you know how it goes! P.S. I don’t waste my time writing reviews but I really felt they went that extra mile to please me and deserve the recognition. I’m a very satisfied customer

Brandon D – May 29, 2013

Truly, can’t say enough about the great team over at Forest Security. What a world class company! Thanks a lot for everything Julius.

Lynn U to Forest Security, Inc. April 19, 2013

Thanks to our fantastic installer, Brent, we have a new security system. He showed up yesterday; promptly @8am. During the monsoon. We had no power for 11 hours. He persevered and ripped out our old system, installed Forests’ system and came back today, now that we have power! Man what a great system and what super support!!!! Have a great weekend Forest Friends!!!

Demetri G. 10/13/2015

I’ve been with ***, then **** which became **** and is now ***. My system started malfunctioning and *** was of zero help. It turns out that my system was on old cellular technology and I found that out when I called a few different alarm companies (4). I decided on Forest for a number of reasons: price, product knowledge, top notch customer service, professionalism and flexibility. Those pieces come together at Forest and it’s because of the excellent people that work there. Starting with Cindy, she was patient with my needs, informative and didn’t stop until I was satisfied with the deals we made. I say deals because I was so pleased, I utilized them in my office space. The installers (Jim and Miguel) were professional, patient and thorough.I’m kind of high maintenance when it comes to anything electronic so, there were a few kinks I had to work out on alarm timing, programming and direct pay. That’s where Lavita came in to help. She was also patient, knowledgeable and made sure I was completely satisfied. She was a pleasure to work with. I also wanted to make sure my my direct pay was set up correctly and that led me to Linda. Same experience, one call and it was set up. I am very pleased with their work, systems and price. If you’re looking for a new system, definitely call and compare you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So a big thank you to everyone at Forest, keep up the excellent work!


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