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From: Eric D. – December 13, 2017

Jay and Jerry,

I am continually impressed by the people who represent Forest.  Today we had the pleasure of working with Brian Cross on some camera issues.  He has an amazing grasp of what our two different systems can accomplish, and how to set them up on computers and cell phones.  Best of all is his expertise and willingness to teach us how to use the equipment.

OK so yes Brian is great. That isn’t to take away anything from the other Forest technicians who I have met over the years.  And of course the office staff.  You certainly have assembled a great team!

Thank you,




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From: Jim M.. – Nov 30, 2017 – Google Business Review

As a crime prevention specialist for over 20 years I highly recommend Forest Security. My system is customized for my home. Very intuitive…easy to use. Fully monitored for fire, heat, cold, glass breakage and more. Hey criminal on my porch…your day is about to go downhill…. Don’t waste your time with the DIY kits or companies like ***. Forest Security is owned by a former law enforcement officer. Their employees are drug screened and very professional. Real people not a corporation with no accountability. I know my stuff. Go with the best. Forest Security.


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From: Dawn V. – Nov 29, 2017

Hi Jerry!

Thanks so much for the note!  We had a very nice Thanksgiving, I hope you did too.  I have been meaning to write to you and let you know how much we are enjoying the new system.  We are so pleased and impressed with the system and can’t thank you enough for all your help.  We are very thankful too for Brent’s excellent and precise installation, we are very happy!  Our only complaint is that we didn’t change over sooner.  =)

 Thanks again, Jerry!  We will keep in touch.  Hope to see you around the neighborhood!  


All the best,


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From: Mike C. – Nov 22, 2017

Thanks for everything! Brent was great help and great installing the system. He also helped to correct the contact information for my friend that recommended your company to me for my business security.

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From: Jim M. – Oct 12. 2017 – 5 Star

If you are serious about your home security you’ll want
the very best . That’s Forest Security.
I wasted so much time with other companies from *** to DYI kits because these systems all go off of your Internet connection and you will have reliability issues. I am an *** customer and they told me flat out that their system wouldn’t even work in my home.
With Forest Security they have a dedicated radio based system that keeps you covered even during electrical outages . It really comes down to Forest Security being the very best home security company you’ll find . Read the other reviews. Do some research and you’ll see it for yourself.
Many thanks to Jay and Cindy for being so patient and helpful. Couldn’t ask for a more professional, knowledgeable installation team and top notch, high end equipment that’s extremely easy to use.
I’ve been involved with crime prevention for over 20 years and I highly recommend Forest Security.

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From: Joann B.  9/9/2017

*:D big grin glad to be with such a great company!

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From: Don H. 8/29/2017

Hi Jay,

I am a new customer and I would like to compliment Cindy in the office and Mr. John Katulka, Installer. You’re very lucky to have such courteous, professional, and extremely nice personnel.  I thank you for them. Glad I met your fantastic company.


Don H.

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From: Marcia and Ken D. – Date 8/26/17

Dear Cindy,
Please forward this to your boss and take it as a sincere expression of our feelings toward you!
We want to express our appreciation to you for guiding us through the many aspects of the process of selecting and signing up for the security system.
–You are very personable and friendly from our initial contact and after installation.
–You have an impressive knowledge of the products and system details.
–You helped guide us toward selection of system products and features which would fit our needs.
–You are extremely efficient in facilitating the completion of the formal steps to sign up for the system, and in selecting an installation date.
–You always got back with answers to questions on a timely basis.
You made the whole process very easy, and as a result, we would highly recommend Forest Security.
Marcia and  Ken D
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From: Fred K.  Date: 8/24/2017


Jerry and Tomb did a fantastic job!

Great to see Tom again (he put the original (security system) in 17 years ago, awesome!).

Here to serve,

Fred K.

Subject: Job Well Done – July 25, 2017

Jay: I wanted to thank you for sending out Mike to complete the job with the cameras. Often times owners hear only about complaints, so I wanted to highlight the great job Mike and his assistant did over the past few days Installing my cameras. We are leaving for a trip to Europe and we wanted to have the cameras Installed before we left. This gives us more piece of mind now.From day one Mike told us he could make it happen and he did. He quickly explained to us our options and then went straight to work. He is very Informative, he explained how he would install the cameras and how they would work. He has extremely clean work habits; always takes his shoes off, he covers all areas where he lays out his equipment and all the openings in the wall are small and clean. I was present for the mornings Mike was working at my home, and he made a difficult installation look easy. He was also very patient and took the time out to explain for a second time to my wife all of her questions re the cameras’ appearance and locations. Our home looks great with the new cameras; they blend In nicely with the look of our home. Mike also made a few suggestions regarding security for our garage door and garage utility door (installing additional sensors). Which we told Mike we would like to do after we get back from our trip. While I know that Mike is only one person, we will always request that Mike do any additional work at our home.My mother-In-law came by during the installation and spoke with Mike, and now would also like to have Mike come out and give her a quote for camera Installing to her home. Also, I have recommended Mike and your company to my law partner Al. He recently was married and moved into a brownstone in the south loop Chicago. He will need an alarm system and camera set up. He should be calling in the next week or so. He will also be asking that Mike do the work. I also appreciate you coming out to review the job, and we really appreciate Mike’s patience and professionalism. He Is probably one of the best Ambassadors that Forest Security has.
Thank you

George G. A

From: Tariq H. – Date: June 23, 2017 – Google Business Review

I really like this service I feel comfortable and save!

From: Timothy S – Date: May 2, 2017 – Facebook 5 Star

These folks are wonderful, professional, and have earned my trust.

From: Dave O – Date: May 2, 2017

I could not be happier after selecting Forest Security to secure our home. We had received their information from a friend of ours, and we wanted to give them a try. Their pre-sale, customer service was fantastic. The appointment to set up the system in our house was seamless. They even had a supervisor come out and inspect our technician’s work since he was in the area. My wife could not have been happier. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat for any security needs. If you do decide to go with them, hopefully you get Fabian & Mike to look at your place. They did a phenomenal job.

From: Heather Date: Fri, Jan 20, 2017

Subject: Mike and the service call this morning

Cindy, please let the powers that be know that Mike is fantastic, though, you are all probably well aware. He was very thorough, very kind, positive, and dealt with our small “animal farm” of pets incredibly well. I appreciate the effort from Forest to turn us into satisfied customers. I apologize for going off the deep end on you yesterday morning; you dealt with my tantrum very patiently and kindly. Thank you. Hopefully, going forward, I have nothing but good feelings toward our security company. Have a great weekend,
Heather K

Dr. Melinda M sent this email: – Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Hi, Jay: Thank you very much for assisting me with the alarm system. I definitely feel more secure at the new location. I appreciate it very much! FYI…Brent did an excellent job with the install and the tutorial. See you soon 🙂
Dr. M

Julie G reviewed Forest Security, Inc. — 5 star January 10 at 4:55pm

Cindy is the best! She will ask all the right questions about your home and security you are looking for and whats best. Hands down best company I have dealt with in a long time. They actually call you ASAP when an alarm goes off and alerts to ensure you are safe!!! Kudos!

Beth O. 10-8-16 – 4 Star

Great Company and Great Prices..Cant beat them

Mike G reviewed Forest Security, Inc. — 5 star July 30, 2016

Hi Jay
..you still in charge ? This company has some of the Best equipment and technicians in the Nation!

P S. 10-14-15 – 5 Star

I started out with a local company in a previous house, who installed then sold out to a national chain. I replaced them with ***, who cannot tell you why your system is beeping or how to fix it, but they can make you wait on hold for an hour to talk to a robo-person.When I bought a new home in River Forest, we asked Forest Security for a bid. From the beginning they were different. Jay bid our home, really listened to our needs, made a few recommendations, and then gave us a bid at a price sufficiently low it surprised me.The technical guys, Tim and Mike and Tom, installed the system — no muss, no fuss, and picked up after themselves. The system is simple enough, even I can make it work. We have upgraded or added to it several times — and we had a network issue (not Forest’s fault) to work through as well — and the guys are always there on-time and get the job done.The office and call center staff have been excellent. Lavita and Linda handle billing and appointments, and have always handled us with courtesy and care.This is a local Chicago-area business. They are real people. They are flexible, not one-size-fits-all, and they listen. I’m a persnickety customer for these kinds of services, and I have yet to have a complaint in two years of service.Highly recommended.

Maria K. – 10/12/2015 – 5 star

I previously had a security system from one of the national companies and didn’t care for the customer service I received. I switched to Forest and am extremely happy with the system they installed for me and the service I’ve received after the installation. When I’ve called I always reach a real person and don’t have to deal with automated phone systems. The technician who installed my system was very conscientious and there was very little disruption in my home. I recommend Forest to all of my friends and family.

Carl C reviewed Forest Security, Inc. — 5 star June 23, 2016

Jay is a very caring person, honest and a security genius. He has been doing this since high school.

Christopher M. 10/8/2015 -5 star

I have been a customer for years and they always have done a great job. Recently had a new system installed and the equipment is great the service was fast and neat and the monitoring is affordable. Hands down a great company with great installers and sales reps. Family feel when you call for help your not calling another country your talking to real people!

Michael L. – 10-6-2015 – 5 star

I just had to replace my business security system because I used a major alarm company that advertises on tv and after 2 years of system problems and disappointing customer service I made the decision to terminate my contact with them!! I asked around and I asked our local police Dept and Forest Security came highly recommended. I have to say I was pleased with their quick response and the warm friendly way they represented themselves it was a painless and informative process. It has been approximately 11 weeks since they installed my new system and have had not one problem and I really love the fact that I can control my system from my iPhone and it monitors and let’s me know who is coming and going I honestly feel they deserve a 5 star rating and I will recommend Forest Security to all my friends and family. I am going to have them install security cameras next that I can view on my iPhone also I will update my review and let you know how it goes! P.S. I don’t waste my time writing reviews but I really felt they went that extra mile to please me and deserve the recognition. I’m a very satisfied customer

Brandon D – May 29, 2013

Truly, can’t say enough about the great team over at Forest Security. What a world class company! Thanks a lot for everything Julius.

Lynn U to Forest Security, Inc. April 19, 2013

Thanks to our fantastic installer, Brent, we have a new security system. He showed up yesterday; promptly @8am. During the monsoon. We had no power for 11 hours. He persevered and ripped out our old system, installed Forests’ system and came back today, now that we have power! Man what a great system and what super support!!!! Have a great weekend Forest Friends!!!

Demetri G. 10/13/2015

I’ve been with ***, then **** which became **** and is now ***. My system started malfunctioning and *** was of zero help. It turns out that my system was on old cellular technology and I found that out when I called a few different alarm companies (4). I decided on Forest for a number of reasons: price, product knowledge, top notch customer service, professionalism and flexibility. Those pieces come together at Forest and it’s because of the excellent people that work there. Starting with Cindy, she was patient with my needs, informative and didn’t stop until I was satisfied with the deals we made. I say deals because I was so pleased, I utilized them in my office space. The installers (Jim and Miguel) were professional, patient and thorough.I’m kind of high maintenance when it comes to anything electronic so, there were a few kinks I had to work out on alarm timing, programming and direct pay. That’s where Lavita came in to help. She was also patient, knowledgeable and made sure I was completely satisfied. She was a pleasure to work with. I also wanted to make sure my my direct pay was set up correctly and that led me to Linda. Same experience, one call and it was set up. I am very pleased with their work, systems and price. If you’re looking for a new system, definitely call and compare you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So a big thank you to everyone at Forest, keep up the excellent work!


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