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School Security Solutions

From a single elementary school building to a high school or large college campus, the Forest commercial security platform specializes in all school security system needs.

Single Building Campus Security Solution

Keeping Students Safe

Every school shares a top priority: keeping students safe –


Forest completely integrates your security system to include access control, 24/7 video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other security devices to create a safe learning environment. All platforms of your entire security system are easily accessed and controlled through one app. for Business has the technology to address these issues and more, so you can keep track of what matters most at your school.

Does your school have the capability to automatically lock school doors in the event of an emergency? How about alerts to warn staff?

Security and Awareness

Intrusion Detection with Notification keeps you informed 24/7 –


With a Forest Security System, you will know your building is locked and secured. You will know when your security alarm is armed and disarmed, by who and when. You can even be notified if your school is not locked and armed when it is supposed to be.

If an intruder tries to break in, you are warned immediately and can check video feeds to verify if authorities need to be dispatched.

Be Prepared

With a Forest System you will be ready to react immediately to any unusual activity –


Quickly inform key personnel, secure the building, and ensure everyone is safe.

Alert teachers and other staff of intruders or unauthorized persons on campus, and quickly lock all smart locks with electronic access control—all with a single app.

Video Surveillance to Ensure Student Safety

Monitor your school grounds inside and out –


With your Forest Security Video System, you can monitor your entire school grounds, including after-school activity spaces and parking lots, with a 24/7 business surveillance system.  Ensure your students stay on campus… and unauthorized visitors stay out.

You can also set virtual tripwires that notify you immediately if anyone enters or exits specific areas.

Security Control

One App Controls Your Complete System –


Forest makes it easy to access and control all your security from one convenient app. Everything including intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, building monitoring and more.



Forest Gives You Complete Security

Safety on every level –


With Forest, it’s easy to notify facilities staff and key administrative personnel in real time to keep school buildings, classrooms, expensive equipment, and students secure.

You can rely on a complete security system that detects more than intruders, also monitor for smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and even temperature changes. You can find out immediately if temperatures in computer labs, laboratories, cafeterias, or server rooms exceed a set range with the temperature monitoring system.

Forest’s all-in-one solution combines intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance & monitoring, plus much more.


An essential school security system can communicate and be integrated to work together, resulting in more insight and control with less equipment to maintain. Using cloud-based technology our intuitive interface streamlines smart management of your school’s security system.

Large Campus Security Solutions

If students don’t feel safe, how can they focus on learning?

With advanced video solutions you can detect events of interest as they happen, something as simple as an unauthorized vehicle entering the property, can be sent to school resource office to determine whether it may be a risk or not and communicated to security staff to respond if needed.

Advanced solutions to keep students, faculty and property assets safe.

Advanced AI Detection

From the time someone drives into your parking lot, before they even get to your doorway, security can have an assessment of who, what and why that person may be coming to your campus. Advanced AI technology can see license plates entering or a person can be identified through facial recognition. These events can flag a system helps to protect your campus. Prevention is key to a safe and secure environment.

Threat Detection

If an intruder manages to enter your campus that may cause a threat, with advanced security surveillance, there is no where for them to hide.  AI Technology has the ability to lock in on them and follow them everywhere they go assisting security personnel to apprehend them quickly.

Search Analytics

Did your child not return home on the school bus? See how advanced AI Search Analytics can help.  Find a student, no matter where they were on your campus, then follow their tracks, quickly and easily.


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