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Live Video Monitoring

Stop Crime Before It Happens!

You will know your property is secure

You will know your property or business is secure with Forest Security’s live video monitoring. We offer a remote real-time video camera surveillance monitoring service for those that need to keep an eye on their property during time periods specified for your individual needs.

Our service is completely customizable and tailored to your requirements. Whether you need nightly surveillance or just on weekends, we’ve got you covered.

Forest Security’s Live Video Monitoring is used by many businesses including Automotive Dealer Car Lots, Large Complexes, and businesses with open lots. When there are large areas to secure, we have it covered!

The latest technology helps to stop break-ins before they happen

Forest Live Video Monitoring uses only the latest technology for both our video camera surveillance and monitoring systems. Professional installation assures that every inch of your property is monitored so there is no place for a trespasser to escape. If there is suspicious activity, our guards will warn off potential intruders announcing they are dispatching the police unless they immediately leave the area. This stops most break-ins from ever occurring.  If ever your property is breached,  the authorities are immediately dispatched and provided with a video recording and important data showing the suspect(s) location, physical description, and other useful information. Forest Live Video Monitoring Systems help to keep criminals off the street and off of your property.

You will always have access to your recordings so you can check in and view anytime at your convenience. NVR’s can be set up and secured at your site, remotely or both.  If you need to know what is happening at your facility,  this is your perfect solution.

Live Video Monitoring provides the best property coverage

On site security guards can’t be everywhere at once unless you have several onsite guards at the same time, which would be costly. Live Video Monitoring provides better property coverage and is more cost effective. Several cameras can be monitored together on one screen.

Forest Security Live Video Monitoring is another layer of service protection for your property or business. Forest has been protecting small and large businesses in the greater Chicagoland area for forty years. Security has changed over the years and you can be assured Forest is always on the cutting edge of Security Technology keeping you, your businesses, and your family safe.


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