9 Reasons for us to work together

Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System with touch screen control and remote access connected to our UL Central Station

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring for your early warning fire detection, sprinkler monitoring, and environmental monitoring

Video Recording

Video Recording for local, cloud, or remote access and analytics of the premises and operations to improve security, access, and the efficiency of your organization.

Forest Card Access

Card Access that will control the access into and from your location, and specific areas, log all events, and can also integrate this information into the video images being stored. Forest Security will make sure that the proper access is granted or you can properly monitor the access to your building. This system is also very valuable to verify timekeeping needs of employee access.

Pricing Options

Pricing Options are available for any plan that fits your budget and payment preferences including no cost installation. The Forest owned plan allows Forest to be totally responsible for repairs regarding your protection. This means that when you select this option, the responsibility to keep your system as new as possible is ours. We also offer the Straight Lease plan that eliminates the need to pay an installation charge, making the monthly fee the only payment you make. This is helpful when changing your protection to Forest.

Licensed Alarm Contractor

Forest Security is a Licensed Alarm Contractor by the State of Illinois, Licensed Electrical Contractor by the City of Chicago and most Suburbs, Fully Insured, and we operate our own facility.

Smart Phone Access

Smart Phone Access is included with every system to insure that you have the most technologically advanced method to receive text or email alerts on system activity.

High Quality Equipment

High Quality Equipment such as Alarm.com will assure you that we are installing the best equipment in the industry today.

Service Technicians

Service Technicians with fully stocked service vehicles, are dispatched using an advanced dispatch system that is close to paperless as possible, as well as this reduces response time to your calls, and first time repair of any of your service needs.


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