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Sunset Upgrade

Why Will the 3G Sunset?

Wireless communication demand is rapidly increasing along with it is the need for much faster speeds and larger data capabilities. The technology infrastructure must continue to advance in order to keep up with this demand. The 3G (3rd Generation) network is being shut down an upgraded to 4G LTE (4th Generation – Long Term Evolution). 4G will provide speeds that are 10 times greater, or more, than the 3G network.


Why does the 3G Sunset affect your Alarm System?

If your wireless alarm system was installed with a 3G Cellular Radio, it can only communicate via the 3G wireless network. Therefore, when the 3G network ceases to exist, your alarm system will no longer be able to communicate alarm signals to our central station. It is crucial to upgrade your security system’s radio communicator to avoid service disruption.

The following video from a manufacturer of commercial radio communicators helps to explain the 3G Sunset:

New Forest Security control panels all are equipment with LTE technology which allow for faster and more responsive commands.

Here is a look at how all this started and where it may be going…


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