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Temperature and Energy Monitoring for your Business

Property Protection


Property protection is much more than intrusion protection. It includes protecting  temperature-controlled assets from spoilage with temperature monitoring. It also helps to reduce energy bills with smart thermostats and energy management technology.

Save on Energy and Energy Costs


Are you heating or cooling a property when no one is there?  Forest’s smart away mode automatically adjusts the temperature when the security system is armed so you can save on energy, even if you forget to change the thermostat.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor the temperatures of your freezers/refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies, and more. Receive alerts if temperatures exceed your set range. Keep and retrieve historical reports summarizing temperature conditions for compliance.

Back Up Power

With long battery backup and LTE communication, you can ensure critical temperatures are monitored even if your property loses power and internet. Receive immediate notification so you can take action to protect critical assets.



Remote Control

Use Your energy dashboard to view current temperatures adjust and control set points for single or multiple locations anytime, from anywhere.



Lock Screen Control

Restrict your employees from cranking up the AC or blasting heat outside of a temperature range you define. Thermostat will not exceed your set temperature range which you can change and adjust at any time.



Your smart business solution for intrusion detection, access, video and more.

Forest smart systems communicate and work together, resulting in more insight and control with less onsite infrastructure to maintain.Cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces make managing your business easier and smarter.


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