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The Flex IO Sensor is the first cellular sensor with virtually no range limitations for monitoring valuable property and assets. Flex IO, a battery-powered device that is weatherproofed for outdoor durability, uses the latest LTE-M technology to operate anywhere there is LTE coverage and without a panel, hub or even Wi-Fi. The one-of-a-kind sensor works as a standalone solution or as an expansion to your existing Forest Security F911 system.

The Flex IO sensor sets up in quickly and can be attached to almost anything you want to keep an eye on, doors, gates, sheds, barns, detached garages, guest houses and other access points around your property. In addition, the wired magna-loop input option keeps you informed if freestanding items, like a motorcycle or lawn mower, are moved.

The use cases for it are limitless. When you need to secure and monitor things in areas outside the reach of your existing system, the Flex IO sensor is the solution.

Flex IO has an expected battery life of more than two years and seamlessly integrates with the existing Forest F911 ecosystem of connected smart home devices. You can stay informed about pertinent activity detected by the Flex IO sensor through real-time notifications and customizable alerts configured through your mobile app.

Flex IO offers enhanced awareness for property owners, one of the key elements of security. As a standalone solution, Flex IO also can be used in other applications where consumer needs have gone unmet due to range restrictions.

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