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Meet the Only Smart Home App You Need

Although smartphone users have 2 million apps at their disposal, it’s rare to find one that truly streamlines and simplifies your life.

Take smart home technology. It’s great to control a device with an app, but when you have to download a separate app for each connected device in your home, you end up with a complicated mess, reminiscent of those days when you had five remotes on your coffee table.

There is a better alternative: a Forest Security Smart Home System. It connects an entire ecosystem of smart home devices together and comes with a single app to interact with all of them.

You can access and control not only your security system, but also a smart thermostat, door locks, lights, the garage door and more. When you open the app, your smartphone becomes a command center for your entire home.


To arm or disarm your smart home security system, just open the app and tap once. If you’re arriving home, there’s no running to a control panel. You can simply disarm the system from your car.

If you forget to arm the system as you leave, reminds you with a smartphone alert. Tap the ‘arm’ button on the alert, and it’s done.


Thanks to the array of sensors and devices connected to your security system, your app can send you all kinds of information on what’s happening at home.

It can alert you if you left a door unlocked, if smoke or a water leak is detected, or if your home’s heat is running with a window open. You can get alerts about unexpected activity around the house – an indication that your kids might be accessing forbidden areas.

It can also notify you when things are going right. You can get an alert every day when your kids get home from school, to confirm that they’re home and safe.


An system can include indoor and outdoor video cameras, and your app makes it easy to see what’s going on with streamed, HD video feeds of your home. You can see all of your cameras side by side, making it easy to switch between them.

It’s also easy to set up video alerts, with recorded clips of important activity delivered to your phone. Because your cameras share intelligence with the security system, you can avoid ‘alert overload’ by specifying which events trigger a video alert, such as your kids arriving home from school, or an alarm event.


Controlling your home’s temperature with the app is so easy that you’ll never need to touch your thermostat again. You’ll find simple controls right on the home screen, allowing you to adjust the temperature from the couch, from bed, or from the office.

If you want to go deeper, you can use your app to create smart schedules for your thermostat, using simple sliding controls to customize your HVAC around your family’s activities.


In the past, letting houseguests and contractors into your home meant staying home, or compromising your security by getting extra keys cut. Now, it just means opening your app.

For instance, when a guest rings your video doorbell, you can see a video feed of who’s there. Once you’ve verified who it is (you can talk to them through your app as well) you can tap the ‘unlock’ button on the same screen to open your front door’s smart lock.

Everything at once

We recently made our app even more convenient with a new feature called Scenes. Scenes are customizable commands that adjust several devices at once with a single button. For example, you can create a ‘Leaving Home’ scene that locks your front door, turns your lights off, sets your thermostat back, and arms the security system all at once.

As well as launching new features and functionality, we also create different versions of our app for different devices, such as Apple Watch. So far, you can control your smart home with your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, TV remote and even your voice.


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