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One Smart App Controls Everything

One App Controls It All


Tired of fumbling through numerous apps for everything you need, let Forest provide you with the One Smart App solution. Control your security and your home/business automation through one easy to use mobile app.

See what’s happening at your property

Answer your video doorbell

Arm or disarm your security panel

Watch live video from your security cameras

Watch recorded clips from your security cameras

Turn on or off lights

Set the ideal temperature

Lock or unlock doors

Open or close your garage door

View images of important activity captured by image sensors

Search your complete system event history

And much more!

Smart Arming

What is Smart Arming?


Smart Arming is a brand-new feature that intelligently arms and disarms Forest Security systems based on the activity of the user. This is much more than scheduled arming and disarming where the user sets a specific time each day for their system to auto arm and disarm. This feature takes it a step further and intelligently adapts to your changing schedule. Users choose the time of day they typically want their system armed at night (e.g., after 11 p.m.) and disarmed in the morning (e.g., at 7 a.m.), and then simply go about their daily routines. When the system detects inside activity or motion (such as when an early riser goes downstairs ahead of schedule at 6:15 a.m.), the system automatically disarms. Users can also choose a window of time to auto-disarm when activity is detected (e.g., between 5 a.m. and 12 p.m.), without a scheduled time to disarm. This intelligent adaptability reduces the risk of false alarms and makes home security significantly more convenient.

Sleep better at night knowing you alarm is set and on watch. Sleep better in the morning without false alarms accidentally tripped because forgetting to disarm the system. Your Forest Security system is always working hard behind the scenes to keep you safe, and prevent false alarms.


What Are Scenes?

Make the most of life’s important moments by getting the other stuff done easily and efficiently.

Just a quiet movie night with your partner requires a flurry of multitasking in advance. Once the kids are tucked into bed, you’ll need to check that the front and back doors are locked. The shades are down. Your downstairs lights turned off, the thermostat set back a few of degrees, and you should also turn your alarm on for the night now that everyone’s settled.

If only there was a magic button for this sort of thing. Well now there is and with Forest Security, you already have it!


Scenes make complicated tasks simple.

Your app comes with four Scene buttons, Home, Away, Sleep, and Wake-Up. Each one is a multi-device command that coordinates different smart devices to accomplish a complex task like described above. You program each scene to control what you need to make your tasks easier.


It’s easy to customize and create new Scenes.

Your house; your rules; your Scenes. Every home and family is different, which is why we made it easy to customize, alter and even create your own Scenes from scratch and have them appear in your app. You can include actions for your security system, smart locks, garage door, lights, smart thermostat and even your home’s water supply.


Control with your voice too

Alexa and Siri voice control options give you a new level of convenience and control when you’re multitasking inside or outside your home. Ready to start the day? Just ask Alexa to tell to wake up. Arriving home in the dark? A quick Siri voice command to your CarPlay-enabled dashboard is all it takes to unlock the front door as part of your Home scene.


What Are Geo-Services/Places?

With Forest’s smart home, this is a reality.

Geo-Services is now called Places. It is a location-based home automation feature.  It uses your smartphone’s location to take useful actions on your behalf. These range from a simple notification to a real action like adjusting your thermostat.

It works by using your smartphone’s location to determine where you are, relative to your home’s location. You set up your own Places geo-fence, and when you cross over the fence, it can take a range of actions on your behalf. Here are some examples:

1: Alert you if you leave your home unsecured.

Ever got halfway to work and then wondered you’ve left your home unsecured? Places (Geo-Services) means that you’ll never wonder again. If you leave your house without arming your security system or locking your smart lock, your app will send you an actionable alert.

These alerts come with a button that lets you secure your home remotely. All you need to do is tap the button and your app will take care of it for you.

2: Come home to a bright welcome on dark evenings.

Places (Geo-services) gives you more than just reminders—you can also automate certain tasks.

One of the easiest is lighting. Simply program your smart lighting solution to come on when you cross your Home geo-fence at the end of the day, and you’ll find your entryway brightly lit when you arrive home.

3: Save energy when you leave home; enjoy comfort when you return

Turning down your heating or cooling when you leave your house saves energy and money. But, when you’re running late, with work or a road trip on your mind, your thermostat is the last thing you think of.

The answer is a smart thermostat, automated with Places (Geo-Services). It knows when you leave, when you arrive home again, and even when you’re on your way home, and uses this information to save you energy proactively.

4: Turn your video monitoring off when you’re home. 

While you don’t want to miss an important video monitoring event while you’re out, you have less need for monitoring when you’re home. Places (Geo-Services) can automatically pause your home monitoring when you’re within your Home geo-fence – meaning that no recording of you and your family takes place.

5: Build smarter rules with multiple geo-fences 

A one-mile distance around your home isn’t the ideal geo-fence for every task: heating and cooling takes longer to achieve than turning your lights on.

You can set up as many geo-fences as you like, customized to within one-tenth of a mile. A second geo-fence around your office location, for example, gives your HVAC system extra time to get your home’s temperature perfect before you get there.


With Forest’s smart home security, you can have a house that watches over your family – proactively monitoring for unusual activity and immediately alerting you when something unusual happens. Advanced machine learning recognizes and responds to activities around your home so you can quickly take action.

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