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Residential – Access Control

Control Access to your front door from anywhere!

Control Access to your Garage from anywhere!

Smart Locks For Convenience and Security


Smart locks from Kwikset, Yale and Schlage come in a variety of styles to match your home’s décor. Many have a numeric touchpad eliminating the need to carry a housekey.

When configured with your Forest Security System, each family member can be assigned their own access code. This way you can be alerted to who unlocks the door and when helping to keep a tab on the kids.

You will have remote locking and unlocking capability and if you are running late and neglect to lock the front door, you’ll receive a locking reminder on your smartphone. Just tap the message two times and your house is locked, safe and secure!

Complete Automation is a real time saver. Your Smart Lock can be configured to trigger other devices so locking your front door can also arm your security panel, close your garage door, turn off all lights and even turn back your thermostat. All that from the push of one button.

Smart Garage Doors keep intruders out


A Forest Security System helps to protect your home’s interior and Forest’s outdoor video cameras alert you to the activity around the perimeter of your home, but what about your garage?

You not only keep your cars and tools in the garage, but in many cases, it is a main entry point into your home. With Forest’s Smart Garage Door Remote, you will know your garage door is closed and secure.

Receive an alert if you drive away from home and forgot to close the garage door. With a touch of a button on the same app, close the door and secure your home.

A Forest Security System protects your home inside and out!


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