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Residential Indoor Video Camera FS911


Install ethernet or Wi-Fi connected cube camera or Mini Dome

Manually initiate recording of video from you Virtual Keypad app

Continuous video recording using the optional eight-channel network video recorder (NVR)

Select any of your cameras remotely to view or capture video via the Virtual Keypad app

Cloud storage of clips for easy off-site archiving

Download clips to smartphone to quickly forward as needed

PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) for easy installation and reliability

Allows residential users to remotely look in on loved ones

Allows commercial users to observe employee activities, monitor certain areas or entrances

Video verification available via Virtual Keypad app and the monitoring center automation software

Exclusive encrypted connectivity


Video cameras connected to residential and commercial security systems give users a powerful security tool. With cameras, businesses and homeowners can check in on their premises at any time, as well as be prompted to determine the situation upon an alarm in the event of an intrusion.


Virtual Keypad app users will receive real-time alarm notification on their mobile devices. Users can immediately cancel or verify the alarm from the same app screen that shows live–camera views from the premises or pre-alarm and post-alarm recorded clips.

Monitoring center operators can also assess the premises upon an alarm as live video and recorded clips are available immediately at the monitoring center as an optional service. Monitoring center operators only have access to video feed in an alarm event and for a limited time for security and privacy purposes.


Cameras are available in cube, dome and bullet style. All cameras include infrared operation in low/no ambient light.


Users have the option not only to view the cameras attached to their system, but also to record video to document activity at their premises via the Virtual Keypad.  All cameras can be programmed to automatically record 20-second video clips when motion is detected. Users can opt to receive an email with the video clip any time a recording is made and view the clip via the app or download it to their smartphones.


Record and access video images using existing IP cameras through the network video recorder (NVR). Forest Security can easily add cameras to your existing systems as well as include them in new systems.


With True Wide Dynamic Range you get a clearer image in situations where you have an area brighter than other areas of the image.


Forest Security surveillance solutions include significant enhancements in video verification, which provides the added benefit of visual information that is sent with alarm notifications to a monitoring station.

As a result, operators can view the footage right away and determine whether the trigger is a false alarm or requires police dispatch. At the same time, users can also receive video verification on any alarm triggered, which they can easily monitor and manage from anywhere via the Virtual Keypad app.

As a result, they can ensure police and/or fire departments are dispatched to a “real” alarm, plus they can prevent being assessed heavy fines for false alarms.


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