Residential Keypads

If we had to guess where your keypad is right now, it would be at the front door or your garage, right? While this may be convenient, it’s not the safest place to have it.
Most burglars break into your home through the front door or through the garage—each place being where you’ve likely set your keypad. This makes it hard to access the keypad in case of an emergency.

That’s why we suggest adding a second keypad near your master bedroom. That way, you can quickly access the keypad to set it to distress mode to get a quicker response time from the authorities.

Forest F911 Smart Control Keypad

The Wireless Touch Screen Keypad  is a wall-mounted, full-color, touch screen interface that provides many of the same easy-to-use keypad functions available on the control panel. It is designed for indoor use only and gives you the ability to control lights, thermostats, and door locks, as well as to view the status of every sensor zone.

When the 900 MHz Transceiver Module is installed in the Forest Smart Control Panel, the system can be programmed to communicate with up to four (4) Wireless Touch Screen Keypads.


Full color touch screen interface

Same easy-to-use interface as the GC2 panel

One-touch Home and Emergency navigation

Add up to 4 Wireless Touch Screen Keypads to 1 system

Easy access to Z-Wave functionality

See and hear system status, chimes and alerts

Screen and buttons can be configured to darken completely and light back up with one touch

Requires Transceiver Module to be installed in main Forest Smart Control Panel

Forest F911 Plus Keypad

The Forest 911 Plus Panel is the easiest and most intuitive security & control platform and it has just gotten better. Introducing Smart Areas, a new feature that makes it easy to set up and use partitioning.  The 7” user interface screens easier to use by making the most important functions even more accessible.



7″ capacitive touchscreen – larger screen allows for larger buttons and controls; easier to see and use

One-touch arming – Arm button on home screen for one-touch arming

Capacitive-touch buttons – Home – Emergency

5-day weather forecast – get your workweek forecast in one glance

Firmware Updates: Over-the-air – convenience of updating panel remotely to add new features and capabilities to the GC3 system
USB – fast on-site updates to make sure the GC3 is up-to-date with the latest features

Create Rooms – Group Smart Home devices for easy control of multiple devices in one screen

Bookmark screen – create your own home screen for most common features



Integrated Z-Wave radio

Supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices

Lighting controls, light bulbs, door locks, thermostats

Create and execute scenes – define what Z-Wave devices should do when the scene button is pressed

Add 2GIG Notification Sensors and Intrusion Sensors for added peace of mind by protecting against unattended grills, open pool gates, gun movement, water leaks and other scenarios


100 Wireless Zones – More than any other all-in-one panel

2 Wired Zones

8 Keypads

32 Keyfobs – 8x more keyfobs than GC2

Give users a name, not just a number, and assign individual schedules

Forest F911 Secure Keypad

The Forest 911 Secure Control Panel features a large 7” touchscreen. There are  six communication radios and a built in camera that can send photos to your phone showing you who disarmed your panel. The mobile operating system makes the F911 Secure Panel intuitive and easy to use.



7” touchscreen attractive for wall or on a table stand display

Mobile OS for intuitive, “app-like” experience

Panel camera can capture disarm photos and sends them to your phone

6 wireless radios built in (WiFi, Cellular, Security R/F, Z-Wave, Image Sensor, Bluetooth)

Interactive services powered by Forest/ give you mobile apps on any platform and enable powerful features like geo-fences, scenes, and notifications

Wi-Fi and cellular dual path connectivity simultaneously offers great speed, flexibility and redundancy

Panel turns into a photo frame you can customize, when not in use

Automatic software updates ensure your panel always has the latest and best features available

Complete home automation with the built-in Z-Wave radio that connects to lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers and more

Built-in microphone and speaker allows you to talk directly to your monitoring station agent from the panel (where available)

SD card slot allows you to customize your photo frame or save photos taken by the panel camera and put them on your computer

Video tutorials and FAQs make self-service easy and fast with videos on the most common issues

Message center allows you to get messages directly from Forest Security


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