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Residential – Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is available everywhere, from your local hardware store to online mega stores. They offer various types of Smart Lighting, even lighting controlled by Google Home or Alexa!

So, what is the difference between Smart Lighting and Forest-Smart Lighting? Smart Lighting from Forest Security does everything the lighting from your big box store does, but it goes one step further, it integrates with your security system. This takes it from convenience to real added security for your home.

Someone tries to break into your garage in the middle of the night. Your alarm goes off and your house lights turn on, enough to scare off intruders…

Smart LED Bulb

Smart LED Dimmable Bulb – Only 9 watts of energy compares to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Fully integrated with security alarm system and also has the ability to set schedules and remotely turn lighting on or off. Intelligent Lighting provides an extra layer of security!

Smart Modules

Smart Modules control plug-in lighting and appliances for both convenience and security. Fully integrated with your security system, plug in devices can be set to automatically turned on in an alarm event.

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