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Residential Smoke Detector

With a Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector, you will further increase the capabilities of your Forest security system. This sensor will emit an audible, 85dB, alarm and trigger a blinking red LED in the event of smoke and/or excessive heat detection. Upon emitting an alarm and triggering the LED the Alarm’s built-in transmitter will send an RF signal to the Control Panel to alert it of the problem. This is beneficial as it allows you to see exactly where the alert is coming from in the event multiple sensors are setup throughout a home. You will also receive notifications on your Smartphone in the event an alarm is triggered when you are away from home.

The communicating smoke and heat alarm monitors and protects a 35 feet radius area. The wireless alarm is powered by lithium ion  batteries. In the event of a low battery detection from the device it will transmit a low battery message to the control panel, emit an audible chirp every 48 seconds and flash a blinking yellow LED every 12 seconds.


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