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Adding Wellcam to your loved one’s home extends your own home’s blanket of Forest Security protection and the peace of mind it brings.


Adding Wellcam to your loved one’s home extends your own home’s blanket of Forest Security protection and the peace of mind it brings.

Wellcam makes it easy to:

Check in with a two-way call:  Wellcam’s call-out button lets your loved one easily initiate a hands-free call to your Forest Security app without having to find or dial your number. When you want to contact them, a corresponding button in your app puts you straight through to Wellcam’s clear, high-quality speaker.

Check in visually:  Wellcam’s 180-degree camera, with 1080p resolution and 6mp zoom, can cover a wide area like a kitchen or living room in high definition.

If you don’t have time to talk, but need to quickly verify that everything is okay, Wellcam makes it easy to check in in real time. If you’re using Wellcam to monitor a specific area of the home, like the hallway or front door area, video alerts can show you important activity as it happens.

See its good looks in every room.

Place anywhere and see everything – it’s designed to fit anywhere in the home.

Make it easy for loved ones to connect.

With the tap of a button, your parents and grandparents can reach out to chat or get a little help – no phone required.

Talk to family with just one tap.

With a push of the call-out button, quickly connect with family members at work, school and on the go.

See the entire room with just one camera.

Wherever you place the camera, see 180° in clear HD and never miss a thing.

Check in on the furry loved ones.

Even with the most obedient pet, it’s always nice to see (and hear) that everything is okay.


Activity Routines are important.

Your family members’ activity routine is important. Are they up and out of bed at a usual time in the morning? Has the medicine chest been opened so they can take their medications? Are they having morning tea or coffee? Intelligent sensors track and learn activity patterns and signal when something out of the ordinary occur so you can be aware that there could be a problem.

Simplify your loved one’s everyday tasks .

Easily simplify your loved one’s everyday tasks with simple to use home automation rules. Make sure their lights are turned on in the evening and it’s not too hot or cold in the house. Are they keeping their doors locked and is their alarm system turned on? All can be automated and checked on remotely so you know they are safe.

Personal Emergency Pendant

A personal emergency pendant can be integrated within the Forest Wellness System. If the pendant button is pushed, not only does it call for immediate help, it also send you a notification on your mobile app. If you prefer, the button can be used just to contact you and you can then determine whether to contact emergency services. Customized, to fit your needs!

Contact us below for more information about Wellness options including Wellcam, Personal Emergency Response Pendants, and Chair/Bed Sensors.


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