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Temperature Sensor

Your thermostat is in another room and the temperature in that room is very comfortable. The problem is, you don’t spend much time there. Temperature Sensors deliver precision comfort to the room you’re are in, not the room your thermostat is in.


1: Add a Temperature Sensor to your favorite rooms.
Have a Temperature Sensor installed in the rooms you normally spend time in each day. The kitchen, the family room and the bedroom are good examples, but everyone has different needs.

2: Adjust the Comfort to the room you’re in
With the temperature sensors installed around your home, you can now choose which sensor commands the thermostat. For example, at bedtime, change the target temperature from your living room where you spent your evening, to your bedroom so you can have a cool nights sleep. You decide which room you want to control the temperature in.

3: Create a schedule for time and cost savings
Easily create a perfect temperature schedule to match your daily activities.
Here is an example of how this user assigned a different sensor to each thermostat mode in their Alarm.com app. To save on energy during the day, (Away) mode is set and the temperature is taken from the main thermostat. During the evenings (Home) mode is set using the living room sensor. For night time, the (Sleep)mode is set and the bedroom sensor takes over.

After the initial set up, you can use the slider in your app as normal to control when each mode takes effect.

4: Or, use a whole-home average temperature

If your family spreads out throughout the home each night, you can set your thermostat to target the average of every sensor’s temperature. This enables you to cool or heat your home based on the average temperature throughout the house, with warm and cool spots taken into account. It’s a great way to make your home more comfortable throughout.


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