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Video Analytics For Business


Our Business Security Cameras do more for your business

Can your security cameras do more than just record video? They sure can with our newest feature. It will transform your cameras into a powerful monitoring device to help optimize your operations, saving you time, money, and help you run your business more efficiently.

Business Activity Analytics from Forest Security allows you to create occupancy management rules to help you protect your business and better understand customer traffic patterns.



Make informed decisions with:


Occupancy Tracking

A multi directional people counting system determines the net occupancy at any given time. Get alerts when occupancy is too high.

People Counting

Use an invisible trip wire to count the number of people cross the line in one direction.

Heat Mapping

Visualize and track the area where people spend the most time in your store by a specific time and date range. Use heat maps to see where you have the most foot traffic and help boost profits by moving high-value products into those areas.

Crowd Gathering

Monitor the number of people in a certain area and get alerts if too many people gather together in one place.

Queue Monitoring

Measure average wait time for your customer wait times. Get alerts if line length or average wait time exceeds your set limits.


It is more important than ever to see and understand how people move within your store. Business Activity Analytics will not only improve your security, it will give you vital information to improve your operations all within one single platform.

How Do I Set Up and Use My Video Analytics For Business System?

At Forest we make it easy for you to set up and use all the newest technology developed to make your life easier and safer. See our step by step videos below to set and use your Video Analytics For Business System. You can also call us anytime for assistance at 708-452-2000.


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