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Video Analytics

Standard Video Monitoring vs Video Analytics


A security system with video monitoring can show you everything that happens at your property, from every angle. That’s a lot of information—and sometimes, it’s too much.

Forest Security’s video analytics technology gives you a different experience. You’ll see the events that matter, without needing to see everything else.

Our video analytics can spot the difference between important events and other activity in real time, and filter your video alerts according to your preferences. You can set up smarter video alerts for specific types of activity, and even customize how your home responds to them.


With video analytics, you’ll spot the difference


Video analytics can tell whether an object in your driveway is a person, an animal or a vehicle. It can ignore a person who walks past your house, but alert you when someone stands outside your front door.

You can create “tripwire” alerts to capture people entering or leaving your property, and “ground zone” alerts to capture activity in tightly-defined areas like doorways.

What you see is up to you, because you can customize your video analytics alerts to focus on the events that matter to you.



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