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Video Doorbell & Optional Chime

Video Doorbell With Analytics



It’s More than a Video Doorbell, It’s Security For your Home – Video Doorbell With Analytics.

Whether you’re on the go, at work, or on the couch, you’ll always know when someone’s at your door—even if they don’t ring the bell.

Touchless Technology

Touchless technology recognizes when a person stands on your doormat, and sends you a mobile alert. Just tap the alert to see, hear and talk to your visitor through your Forest app, from wherever you are.

See and hear who’s at the door

You can see who’s at the door instantly by opening your doorbell’s live video feed. Its HD vision, HDR and night vision technology ensure you’ll have a clear view while you talk to your visitor over two-way audio.

Video Analytics lets you stay aware with fewer interruptions

Forest’s video doorbell uses video analytics to detect and alert you to people at your door. You’ll always know when someone’s there, but you won’t have to see alerts caused by animals or vehicles.

Unlock your door’s potential

When a visitor calls, you can adjust your porch lights, lock or unlock the front door, open and close your garage, or arm or disarm your security panel—all from your doorbell call screen. (Additional Automation option packages required for use of all available features)

Professional installation

Professional installation includes replacing your existing hard-wired doorbell, connecting to your existing interior doorbell chime, setting up your mobile app, and configure with your Forest Security System, if installed. No tools, no worries, we’ll have it set up in no time and if you ever have any trouble, just call us. Forest Security, we are always here when you need us!

Contact us (form below) or call for more information today…And to see what else a Forest Security Doorbell Camera can do for you.

Video Doorbell Chime

Chime & Repeater

A smart, wireless doorbell chime and Wi-Fi repeater in one with simple plug-in installation enables you to easily adjust the chime volume and even customize tones for personalization and convenience. The built-in Wi-Fi repeater ensures signals reach hard to reach areas of your home while boosting connectivity for security devices.

It’s a Wi-Fi Extender Too

With the video doorbell Chime, there’s no need to rely additional Wi-Fi extenders allowing for your security system to have a seamless installation.

Perfect Solution

The Video Doorbell Chime is perfect for situations when your current home doorbell chime can not be used with our video doorbell (e.g., doorbell wiring or chime is incompatible, damaged, or not functioning). It is also perfect for adding a chime to areas of the home where you were previously unable to hear your doorbell (e.g., upstairs bedroom, basement, or garage)

Ring Tones

Ring tones include: Ding Dong Chime, Low Tone Ding Dong, Three Tone Xylo, Four Tone Xylo, Low to High Tone, Siren, Burglar Alarm, Positive Tune, Dance Tune, Orchestral Tune, Guitar Happy Tune, Guitar Smooth Tune, Single Tone Chime, Longer Single Tone. Longest Single Tone, Canary, Wind Chimes, Barking Dog, Merry Christmas, Christmas Special – To hear these chimes, see video below:

Do you want to make sure you never miss a visitor at your front door? Call Forest and ask us about the Video Doorbell Chime today… 708-452-2000


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