Why Choose Forest? #3 Exceptional Customer Service | Forest Security
Why Choose Forest? #3 Exceptional Customer Service

Why Should I choose Forest?

For their exceptional customer service and sales consultants… They Way It Should Be!

Forest Security is a local family owned and operated business. We take pride in our security knowledge and treat all customers and potential customers with the utmost respect. We are here for you.. to answer all your questions and concerns and explain all the choices you have with today’s technology. We always provide you a written proposal which includes all equipment and costs so you can review and decide what is best for you. And when you need service, we are there. We know the importance of keeping your alarm in perfect working order. If the need ever arises that you need repair work made to your security system, just call us. Your service call will be scheduled right away and your system will be in perfect working order.

Here is what they are saying about Forest:

I’ve been with ***, then **** which became **** and is now ***. My system started malfunctioning and *** was of zero help. It turns out that my system was on old cellular technology and I found that out when I called a few different alarm companies (4). I decided on Forest for a number of reasons: price, product knowledge, top notch customer service, professionalism and flexibility. Those pieces come together at Forest and it’s because of the excellent people that work there. Starting with Cindy, she was patient with my needs, informative and didn’t stop until I was satisfied with the deals we made. I say deals because I was so pleased, I utilized them in my office space. The installers (Jim and Miguel) were professional, patient and thorough.I’m kind of high maintenance when it comes to anything electronic so, there were a few kinks I had to work out on alarm timing, programming and direct pay. That’s where Lavita came in to help. She was also patient, knowledgeable and made sure I was completely satisfied. She was a pleasure to work with. I also wanted to make sure my direct pay was set up correctly and that led me to Linda. Same experience, one call and it was set up. I am very pleased with their work, systems and price. If you’re looking for a new system, definitely call and compare you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So a big thank you to everyone at Forest, keep up the excellent work!

Here is what they are posting at “the other guys” site:

I can’t believe how I was just bullied by someone while I was calling to inquire about pricing for your service!! I was trying to research and decide between a couple companies and *** could not have made my decision any easier!! Just because I won’t make an immediate decision and would like to speak to my husband beforehand doesn’t mean that you should threaten and bully me!!


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