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You can save approximately 10% per year on your heating/cooling bill, when using Smart thermostats & lighting.(Source:



Smart Thermostat - ENERGY STAR® Certified

Smart Thermostat is intelligently integrated which allows you to take control of your energy use using whole-home intelligence from the security system, it understands what’s going on, and can spot more opportunities to save energy  with it’s ENERGY STAR® Certified rating and proactively protect your home.

Fire Protection

During a fire or carbon monoxide leak, your Forest connected thermostat automatically pauses to slow the spread of fumes.

Freeze Protection

In the winter, Forest alerts you to low temperatures or HVAC malfunctions that could allow water pipes to freeze and burst.

Mold Protection

Temperature sensors monitor for humidity too. Install them in vulnerable areas to get alerted if you’re at risk from mold.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor – Control the temperature of specific rooms on your home, not just the room your thermostat is in. More Comfort for you and Cost Savings for your wallet.

Smart Switch

Smart Wall Switch lets you choose your lightbulbs

Off-the-shelf smart lightbulbs are expensive because the ‘smart’ technology lives in the bulb. While great to install as special features, they’re expensive to equip your whole home with.

With Forest smart switches, the technology lives in the wall switch. Once that’s installed, your smart lights can incorporate a huge range of bulbs, from specialist LED bulbs to cheap fluorescent. That’s great value, especially when you have multiple lights controlled by the same switch.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart LED Dimmable Bulb – Only 9 watts of energy compares to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Plus have the ability to set schedules and remotely turn lighting on or off provides an extra layer of safety.

Smart Control Module

A Smart Plug simply turns things on and off, but – when connected to a smart home platform – becomes a very versatile device.

What does it do?

Controlled by your Forest Security app, a smart plug lets you turn on and off any appliance that plugs into a standard wall socket. You can actively control it, or automate it so that it reacts to schedules and triggers from your security system.

Simply plug it into any wall socket, then plug your chosen appliance into it. You can use it with a lamp, a TV, a cable box, a coffee machine—whatever you like.


What can it do for my smart home?

Smart plugs are a versatile building block of the smart home, with many uses:

Security: When you plug a lamp into a smart plug, it becomes a smart light with home security benefits:

You can schedule the lamp to come on at certain times, or when you’re on your way home, or even when triggered by another device, such as a motion sensor. If there’s an alarm event at your home, it can turn on automatically to deter an intruder.

Convenience: Smart plugs are great for automating everyday kitchen devices. You can start your day with your coffee machine already working, or your tea kettle already boiled. If you like to slow-cook, you can load up your Crock-Pot in the morning and switch it on with your smartphone from work.

Energy Savings: Smart plugs can put a dent in your energy bills by automatically turning off appliances like your TV and cable box, which consume energy in standby mode, when you’re not home. You can have them switch off when you arm your security system, in the same way that your smart thermostat sets back.


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