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AI for Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere and across every platform especially security. Skepticism remains around accuracy. This is likely due to the fact that all AI is not equally smart. So, what makes AI smart and what are the benefits of truly smart AI for use in the video security industry?

It all starts with technology processing power. The more data, or information, an AI system has to evaluate, the more precise it can be with its conclusion. Simple AI uses a smaller set of algorithm sequencing data to form its outcome which is less precise and leads to a higher level of error. Highly intelligent AI has billions of layers of data point sequences which leads to a much more precise outcome and eliminates virtually all error.

AI has made the most significant contribution to the security industry. The security industry started with a basic intrusion system. If the system was tripped, we had to physically go to the property to see what happened.

Then came video verification. Now, you could view your cameras to see what was happening. The video cameras became part of the monitoring system itself. When it picked up movement, it sent out a notification. Unfortunately, most of these notifications were false alarms. The camera picked up shadow movement or an insect buzzing by.

Next improvement was AI. It could filter out many of these false alarm scenarios, but this was still not accurate as it could be. We still received many false notifications.

Now we have truly brilliant AI that will actually suppress almost all false alert notifications. This is so important as we all know how costly false alarms can be.

This all sounds very costly, but the good news is many times, you won’t have to replace your current cameras. Many are compatible with new technology system integration. There are several cost-effective options available to give you a truly intelligent video surveillance system.

With your new intelligent system, you won’t be alerted if a spider crawls onto your camera lens but will be if a person breaches your perimeter. Security teams will be able to concentrate on real issues and not if a squirrel runs along your back fence. AI works with your security team to help lighten the distractions of false notifications so they can concentrate on the important details.

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