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In-App Video Management Upgrade

This upgraded video management experience for mobile helps you engage with your video system like never before. New and updated screens help you check in on your cameras at a glance, zero in on issues, and run through basic troubleshooting. You can continue to access existing functionality like account-wide device management and recording rules.

What’s New

Manage devices with ease: See a list of devices on your account and jump right to specific cameras.

Review hardware types: Review hardware and firmware versions, as well as internet connection type.

Check device status: Quickly see if a device is online and check how strong the internet signal strength is.

Adjust video settings: adjust settings like audio and LED behavior.

Additional information:

An upgraded Video Device Settings screen lists all cameras installed on your account

New Device Overview screens show camera status and model, while also linking to key settings

Settings now accessible for the mobile app include general settings, network settings, video configuration, and audio settings

Key use cases

Quick check in: Hasan owns a large home, which he has outfitted with multiple cameras. He likes that he can quickly check in on the status of each device right from the app.

Weak Wi-Fi signal: Frank is a homeowner with several Wi-Fi cameras installed at his home. While checking in on his pet from work, he notices one of his indoor cameras is offline. He checks the history of connectivity and sees that the camera has frequently experienced poor connection. This tells him he may need to install a Wi-Fi repeater in his home.

Remote issue resolution: Sam has an issue with her video doorbell not capturing activity in her driveway. She calls her service provider’s customer support and asks to be walked through some troubleshooting steps. The operator shows her how to check her doorbell’s General Settings and they determine that having a wedge mount installed will give her a better viewing angle.

Multi-Camera Live View Streaming for Mobile

You can now view up to four live video streams at once from the dashboard card and landscape view in the app. Swipe to see additional live video streams or select the All Cameras group from the drop-down, for easy access to a group view. This feature is available for all ADC cameras, including video doorbells, and helps users keep better tabs on their properties when they’re on the go. The mobile viewing experience aligns with the existing web experience and includes the ability to filter by groups and view four live streams simultaneously.

Additional information

Filter by group–for example, “Outdoor Cameras” or “Front of House”

Easily configure camera groups from the video settings including deleting, modifying and creating new groups. Note: The All Camera group cannot be edited

Tap feed for single camera full-screen view; tap grid icon to return to the multi-camera layout

Two-Way Audio, pan-tilt-zoom, and record clip are still available for single camera view

Key use cases

Small Business: Sarah owns a chain of popular ice cream restaurants. She wants to be able to quickly check in on each location while on the go. She loves that she can now check live video in the app and see most cameras on each property at once. She also likes that she can filter for indoor cameras or outdoor cameras using camera groups.

At Home: Marshall lives in North Carolina but owns a vacation home in south Florida. After a hurricane blows through, he wants to check in on the property to see if there is any damage. He likes that he can easily view four cameras to survey for damage. Since he’s mostly concerned with damage to the property around his home (e.g. fallen trees), he quickly creates camera groups to view only outdoor cameras.


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