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iPhone safety tip – Is your iPhone infected with spyware and how to remove it fast.

We need to protect everything these days. We know our computers must be hardened to protect from hackers breaking into steal personal data, passwords, credit card and bank information, etc. But our iPhones, I thought they were safe…

Yes, iPhones can be infected with spyware. The telltale signs include:


  • Your battery suddenly starts draining rapidly and overheats – Since spyware runs their program constantly in the background, it not only drains your phones power, it overworks your phone many times to the point of overheating.


  • You start receiving odd SMS messages – If you see strange text messages that you did not send, you most likely are a victim of spyware.


  • You are using more data than ever before – Spyware apps send data from your phone back to the hacker via the internet. If your data is spiking for no other reason, you may have spyware.


  • Your phone was jailbroke – There are restrictions when staying within the perimeters of Apple’s IOS. If you have removed your software restrictions by jailbreaking your phone, you can easily pick up spyware from untrusted sources.

Just how does this spyware get onto an iPhone?


Your iPhone can get infected with spyware or stalkerware that originates anywhere in the world. The hacker never even need to come in contact with you. They just need the internet and way to trick you to interact with their code. This is why to never click on anything that comes to you in email or SMS unless requested. Most times spyware makes it on to your phone through a link you clicked because it looked like it came from your bank, your credit card company, your auto dealer, a store, etc. and it usually is an urgent message. Something thank you for your order of $2000, not you, click here…


What is the difference between spyware and a virus?


Malware includes both spyware and viruses but they act differently once installed. Viruses keep replicating and will crash your device. Spyware allows the hacker to steel your personal data right from under your fingertips. iPhones aren’t as subject to viruses as computers are but they can get infected and a good antivirus software is a good idea.

OK… Now what? How do I get rid of this spyware?


It’s as simple to expel malware from your iPhone as it is on your computer. Use an app to scan, remove and protect you from future attacks.  Check out Bitdefender Mobile Security or Norton 360: Mobile Security.  (Current cost for either Norton or Bitdefender is $14.99./year at time of this writing.)

Keep your IOS up to date also protects you from malware. An IOS update removes spyware and keeps your iPhone safe from other vulnerabilities.

Once you know your iPhone is safe, remember to change all your passwords and use two-factor authorization.

Let’s all stay safe out there!


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