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Is your current business security system as reliable as it should be?

If it trips the alarm in an emergency, it’s reliable, in a way…. However, if that’s the only thing it does, you’re missing out on a lot. Current security systems are smart. They do so much more than just sound an alarm. Most business managers and owners consider them to be essential business tools. Not only working in emergencies, but also working around the clock to make your job easier and protect your people, property and provide peace of mind.

Here are some of the ways you can rely on our smart security system to do for you:


Stay connected


With our smartphone app, You will get a direct line of sight to your business and the ability to control things from anywhere, making every day security challenges easy to solve. Did your employee forget their access code or key fob? You can easily use your app to remotely unlock the door and disarm the security system, then watch as they go inside.

Remember Important Details


Employees sometimes forget important things. We have your back with proactive alerts and reminders. If your employee forgets to lock up, or turn the alarm on when they leave, you can get an alert notification with its own “Lock” or “Arm” button. Just tap the button once, and your business will be secure.


Tell you what’s going on


Be alerted about virtually any type of business activity, with custom filtering options that ensure you only get the alerts you want. You can get alerted if an off-limits area is accessed, if your business opens early or late, if a display cabinet is left open, or if the temperature isn’t right.

Show you what’s going on


With smart video monitoring for businesses, you can get video clips of important events. If there’s an alarm in the night, you can see what’s going on through a live video feed on your phone—potentially saving yourself a long drive for a false alarm.

Make access easy for employees…


Smarter access control replaces keys with smart locks, keycards and user codes, all managed from a single tab in your dashboard. Say goodbye to keys and embrace the ability to quickly set up, customize and revoke access for incoming and outgoing employees, all from your dashboard.

keep access points extra secure


As well as making things easy, smarter access control gives your business a new layer of security safeguards. You can have doors lock automatically at closing time, or when you arm the security system. Access-specific alerts will help you keep an eye on restricted areas, letting you know who went where, and when.

Whatever your business, you can rely on Forest Security to keep things secure, streamlined and simplified every day. Contact us today for your free business security analysis and proposal.





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