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A Security Solution for a Unique Application


Starting a Business…

Starting a business these days is tough enough, but starting one that has special security requirements is even tougher. That’s what friends and business partners found out when they decided to open a distillery and bar. One of the requirements to obtaining a distilled spirit plant permit in their location was providing proof of high security ensuring no endangering theft of product.

Unique Requirements:

Storing spirits on site prior to sale required a federally bonded warehouse and coupled with the high value of the equipment and security requirement of running a bar meant they needed a customized and diverse solution.

A Simple Solution:

They were looking for a system that would also simplify their lives being stressed enough starting a brand-new business. Their new security system would be a blend of intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance.

System Integration:

Having all the systems integrated together resulted in a security system that’s more than the sum of its parts. Adding a new employee to the system only takes a moment, and the partners can easily check in on their business remotely.  Keypad locks allow employees and owners to come and go without worrying about keys and the partners know who access which lock and when it was accessed.

One App:

Having everything together in one single app has helped them run their business more efficiently. Their security system has helped them avoid some of the headaches associated with starting a business.

A World Off Your Shoulders…

Making an investment with a specialized security company, like Forest Security, that provides the knowledge and technology, definitely takes a load off. It’s a world off your shoulders to be able to be distant from your business…and still be there, without actually being there.”

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