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Back To Basics

The world of home security has become so complex. Companies offering so many different types of systems, so many different security devices, then add to that all the automation devices, no wonder we feel confused. Let’s take it step by step – Forest makes it easy!


Forest Base System and Options

It all starts with your base security system. It’s your hub, it’s what controls everything and allows  all of your devices to communicate with each other. Your Forest Control panel connects to your security devices: door contacts, motion detector, key-fob with panic button. You can also add devices such as  glass break detectors, window contacts, overhead garage door contact, outdoor gate contacts, etc. Forest makes it easy because when you request a security proposal from us, we will send you details and pricing on a system we configured for you and additional option pricing so you can take time to  determine if you want to add anything. Since your system is configurable, you can decide to add options now or in the future.

Smart App

From the first day that our remote app was available, Forest has included it with our security systems at no additional cost. At the time, this was such an advancement in security, we believed everyone should have it to keep their home or business more secure. As things evolved, so has our app. It controls everything, all together and it’s always been easy to use. No worry about finding the right app on your phone to control your lights, garage door, door locks, video system, burglar alarm, etc.… It does it all!

Life Safety

Most important to keeping you and your family safe are Life Safety Devices: CO detectors, Smoke, and Heat Detectors. Fires can happen anywhere at anytime. Make sure to be notified immediately if your system detects a possible fire or carbon monoxide. These are Life Saving Devices! And when they are integrated with your security system, your entire security system works to protect you. At first detection, we are contacting you to ensure your safety. Then if needed, we are dispatching the authorities. Your system is automatically working for you too – Your connected thermostat will shut off if your heating/air conditioning system if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide to keep it from being distributed throughout your house through your ventilation ducts. Everything working together to help save lives!

Video Cameras

We all like to know what’s going on at home if we aren’t there. What are the kids up to? Are they doing their homework? What do our pets do all day? This is all helpful information in our daily lives. But, most importantly if an intruder enters on to your property, you want to know. Are they looking for a way to get in or just passing by? With Forest’s Video monitoring system, you will always know what is going on. In the case of an alarm event, your cameras will start recording when your burglar alarm is tripped. One of the main reasons you want your system integrated so it can layer one security platform on top of another.

Video Doorbell

We all know what they do and how great it is, not to have to answer to those nuisance solicitors. We know when our packages are delivered, we know when our family members get home, we know when visitors arrive. Video Doorbells are great for so many reasons  but mostly because they provide a deterrent to intruders… Yes, most burglars (approximately 34%) enter right through the front door. Seeing a Video Doorbell installed, stops many would-be thieves from entering the home.  Another 22% enter through the back door so you really should consider also installing a video doorbell or a video camera on the back door too. And best yet, with a Forest system, everything communicates through the same app so no fumbling through your phone looking for the doorbell ap, camera app, burglar alarm app, etc. Everything works better when everything works together.

To find out more and to get your free, no obligation security proposal – Contact Forest today 708-452-2000 – See more here:  Request A Quote


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