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Be More Secure with New Privacy Options for your Video Cameras


Limited Device Access Permissions

Forest’s residential video camera system has just launched a brand-new feature that will help you be more in control and more secure. You now can restrict which cameras are visible to specific logins using Limited Device Access permissions. Control exactly who can view footage from specific cameras increasing your privacy and flexibility of what different people can see.

Camera access is restricted across all video pages including Live View, Saved Video Clips, Onboard Recording, and SVR Timeline.

User Management

To manage this feature, navigate to Users > Manage Logins > Add or edit a Login. Here is where you will select the user’s login and which cameras that login account has access to. If you need any help, just call us at 708-452-2000.

Video Camera Options

Want to add Cameras to your account? See our selection here:

See every important moment at your home (or business), even when you’re not there.

Enjoy anytime live streaming, intelligent video alerts and continuous HD recording with best-in-class video solutions.

With Video Monitoring You Can:

Watch live video from anywhere

View recorded clips anytime

Schedule recordings when a door opens or the alarm goes off

Receive a notification when a person enters the yard, but not when animals do

Turn on lights when a car is detected in the driveway

Stay protected with tamper-proof, secure cloud video storage

Continuous Recording:

Capture 24/7, high-definition, continuous recording with the Stream Video Recorder (SVR).

Smart Clips:

Get an automatic video clip when someone disarms the security system, unlocks the front door or sets off the alarm.

Live Video:

Use your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video while away from your property.

Video Analytics:

Get smarter video alerts to see what’s most important to you. Know when people, animals or vehicles are detected and only see the clips you want.

Get The Best Video Experience:

Video Analytics offers an intelligent security feature that monitors your video streams to distinguish important events from routine activity. It uses real-time insight to filter and categorize your video alerts, giving your video monitoring a new level of control, customization and value.

You can create virtual “zones” for your cameras, enabling them to further categorize activity based on the layout of your home or business, and the areas you need to protect.


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