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Burglars Love December

It’s the holiday season once again. People are either away from home visiting family and friends or have an abundance of expensive and easily steal-able gifts all stored right under a huge brightly lit tree. Burglaries can happen at any time, but Christmastime comes but once a year.

So how can we stop some crime and keep our home and holiday safe? Let’s think a little like thieves and explore some ideas…



Keep your home private

If you were going to steel something (thinking like a thief) wouldn’t you want to get a little preview of what you might find? If your front doors have glass windows, make sure no one can see in by using one-way films, frosted glass, beveled glass, or shades. All main floor windows should be kept private to discourage intruders. Giving everyone the ability to see into your home right through your front door or window, may let them see if you have an alarm system and if it’s armed. They can see if it appears there may be valuables inside and during the holidays, all those nicely wrapped gifts…



Know your neighbors

The people that live around you want to deter crime in the area as much as you do. Get to know your next-door neighbors, the people across the street and the people that live behind you. These are the people that would first notice if there was something strange going on around the house. Ask them to watch your home while you are away and you do the same for them. A network of good neighbors can stop a lot of crime. Now’s the time we all wish we lived next door to Gladys Kravits (for my Bewitched friends)


Become a big dog lover

Small dogs may be a great early warning system but most are pretty friendly and hope that thief that just broke in brought treats. And some do! Larger dogs that act aggressively to someone trying to peer in a window or door is a bit more of a deterrent. Burglars don’t like large dogs that will growl and bark and mostly… look like they are going to bite. Also adding a beware of dog sign to your gates can help.


Keep Valuables (and Christmas gifts) in an odd place

Thinking like a thief: A thief breaks in; they want to get in and out quickly so most would check the most obvious places for valuables. Primary bedroom closet, dresser drawers, under the bed, nightstand, jewelry box (never keep anything valuable in a jewel box) – Office desk drawers, credenza, etc.  Burglars are looking for cash, jewelry, small electronics, medications, weapons, etc. and at Christmastime, they’ll grab the gifts too.

Have a good hiding storage place for your valuables. There are various options like hair brushes and wall outlets with hidden storage.  If you have a safe, make sure it is too large to move and it is bolted in place.  Wherever you decide to make your hiding place, think if I broke in, would I think to look here?

The most important thing – Have a Good Security System

Owning a security system, and letting everyone know about it, with stickers and yard signs is the best way to stop crime before it happens. (Thinking like a thief) If you were going to break into a house, would you choose the house that has an alarm system, or the house that doesn’t? It’s pretty obvious that a security system is your biggest defense in keeping your property safe. In this day and age, we need to do everything we can to protect our family and our home. A professionally installed, professionally monitored, wireless security system from Forest Security is a perfect choice. Forest has been keeping homes and businesses in your community safe for over 40 years. See why so many trust Forest with their security – Call today 708-452-2000



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