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Don’t Google This

The internet… it’s hard to imagine (or remember) life without it. We use it for just about everything and when we need to find something, we just “Google” it. The convenience of finding things, right at your fingertips, just moments after you start searching for them… But did you know, there are some things you should never use Google, or any other search engine, to look for? Stay away from these to avoid stumbling into a scam…

Customer Service Contact Numbers


Many the biggest companies we deal with today, make it nearly impossible to find phone number to contact for help.  Need help setting up a business on social media? Just have a few questions? Good luck finding a number to call for specific help. What if you need help with your Prime account? No phone number there either… The list can go on and on.

But why shouldn’t you google to see if you can find contact information? The results can lead you to fake numbers, scammers waiting for an unsuspecting victim to call for help. There they can offer to take care of the problem in exchange for your personal information. After all they have to verify it is you they are talking to, right? They may also ask for payment in order to offer help so they can get your credit card information.

If you need Customer Service, always go to the company home page, if they don’t provide a phone number, they will provide online chat or another way to contact them like email. It may be inconvenient. But it’s the safest way to get help.

Financial Apps


Many of us do our banking and financial transactions online. But in doing so, we must be very vigilant. After all, financial institutions have our personal data and our money. We must be very careful since that is what scammers are after… our data and our finances.

Banking makes it easier to contact them than tech companies. You can easily find branch or main phone numbers to call for assistance from their website home page. But what about payment apps like Paypal, Zelle or Cash App? Most don’t list a customer service number to call.

Recently, there was an app user received an alert stating that there was an issue with her account.  Being vigilant, she didn’t click on the link but googled the customer service number instead. The person she contacted had her download another app, which instead of helping her, gave the scammer access to her account to which they drained dry. Never, ever, ever, google support numbers. Always go the company official website and start your search for assistance there.

Technical Assistance


It’s understandable. Your electronic device has gone haywire and you’ve been trying to fix the problem. You just went to a gazillion steps and you’re almost done and wham, you’re stuck. You don’t want to lose what you have accomplished so far and you are in a bit of a panic… Don’t Google that help number.

Scammers have gone as far as to set up fake websites to spoof people needing technical help. As always, go to the official website. Most will have contact information available for technical assistance. And remember, pop up notifications that tell you your pc is infected or phone calls that tell you your device has issues are all fake. Ignore and Delete.

Stay safe from scams! Remember to stay calm and always go the official home page to find contact information.

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