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Holiday Gifts That Keep Giving All Year Long


Looking for that unique gift that says I really care?

Nothing says I care more, than the gift of keeping your home and family secure all year long. New security technology is fun too and gives you so many convenience options:

#1 – New or Updated Home Security

Have you seen the newest Security System? It can be integrated with most existing systems or installed brand new. This system gives you ultimate security that no other can. It actually recognizes you! No password guessing, no fingerprints, just your most unique feature…Your face.  Learn More Here


#2 – Already have a great security system?

Think of adding Life Safety Devices to protect your family and pets. CO and Smoke Detectors Save Lives and ours are monitored 24/7, so you are protected whether you are at home or away. Learn More Here


#3 – Security starts at the front door

What, you don’t have a video doorbell yet? Your front door is the first line of defense for protecting your home. Ours includes Video Analytics so you will know when someone is at your door, even if they do not ring the bell. Not to mention protecting all those holiday packages you have been shopping for. You will know the instant they arrive! Learn More Here


#4 – Where are all the ornaments going?

Having a Forest video camera helps you know what is going on in your home when you are not there. We even have options that allow you to speak through the camera to maybe help stop them in their tracks… Learn More Here



#5 – Keep your climate controlled

Baby it’s cold outside…  A chill is in the air, but not in your house with a Forest Remote thermostat. Control the climate in your home with the touch of a button from where ever you are. It will also notify you if the temperature in your home gets too cold to protect pipes from freezing. Learn More Here


#6 – Need to secure a structure that is too far away from your house?

Have a She Shed out in back you want to protect but it is just too far away from your security panel to connect? Ask us about Flex-IO a new contact that has its own built in cellular connection so it can protect just about anywhere.  Learn More Here


#7 -What about your automobile?

Got one of those cars with the big bow on it as a gift this year? Yeah, Me neither… But protect the one you got with Forest’s Connected Car… It will notify you if the car is moved unexpectedly, even when the engine is off. It comes with GPS tracking so you will know where your car is at every moment. You will even know if your teen is driving a bit too fast! Learn More Here


#8 – Keeping it all under lock and key

Lock it all up! Keep everything in your home safe with a smart lock. It integrates with your security system and you can control it remotely. Never wonder if you forgot to lock the front door again. Have any of these locks installed and we will integrate it into your security system. Learn More Here



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