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iPhone Safety Tip – Live Voicemail

We all get calls from phone numbers we don’t know. We just silence the call and listen to the voicemail later. But now a new update, iOS 17, is going to have “Live Voicemail.” It will pop up the words and experts say scammers will pop up too.

In a world of constant communication, it’s all about speed and convenience with our phones.

Live Voicemail is kind of like our old answering machines, except that it transcribes the incoming call and displays it on your mobile screen as if the caller is leaving a message, but it’s not a message, it is live. You can break in while they are on the call and then you’re now on the phone call, at this point, you could start talking to them.

And with robo-scams getting better and better, it could catch you off guard. “They’re often really compelling giving people a sense of urgency. If you see something that says, ‘This is your bank calling, and there’s about to be a $2,000 transfer out of your account,’ there’s a little part of you that goes, ‘Oh, I need to stop that.

You click on the phone button and now you’re on the live call with them. They’re asking you questions, and you find yourself you’re giving them info… You don’t mean to. That’s how every day, there’s someone who’s taken from one of these scams.

If you use Live Voicemail – Remember it’s live… and don’t fall victim to robo-scammers.


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