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Is DIY Security a good choice?

It Seems Simple

For some, a DIY security system may be a great choice. For others, not so much. Purchasing a system from a big box retailer may seem like an inexpensive and simple option. After all, you have watched a few YouTube videos and it seems like a snap to install. But what happens if it turns out to be more complicated than you expected? You may have great technical skills but what you find yourself struggling to run wire, or position cameras correctly.  Are all your exit entry areas protected properly?  What if you have difficulty programming the devices to your panel.  And this is just the beginning… You may find out it is not really working out like you expected and who can you call for ongoing support or service?

What about the pitfalls?

Ok, so you know the pitfalls, but you are still determined to continue on with a DIY system, after all, you did see all those You Tube Videos. You just need a couple of doors protected and maybe a few cameras. How hard could it be?  Well, before you make that leap forward, consider a just few more things:

Things to consider:

Is the system configured and customized exactly for you needs?

Does the system provide protection that prevents malware or cyberthreats?

Does it include professional 24/7 monitoring? (You can’t always be there)

Are Software and firmware that updates your system with automatic backups included?

Can you expand this system in the future?

Does it communicate with other home automation devices?

Make the right choice

The bottom line is a security system can’t protect your home or family if it doesn’t work how and especially when you need it to. Make sure to make the right choice for your home and your family. Give Forest a call and see how easy and affordable it is to protect your home and family today… 708-452-2000


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