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Just What Is Video Analytics?

Just What is Video Analytics?

Security cameras have been around for decades but it wasn’t until the late 90’s when we started using them in our homes for security purposes. In ‘92, the Nanny Cam was introduced to monitor our children and baby sitters. Now we have doorbell cameras, outdoor cameras, indoor cameras so we always know in an instant, what is going on in our homes.

With all those cameras, comes all those notifications.

It’s great knowing what is going on at home, sometimes, too great! If you are notified every time a car drives by your home, you are going to turn off all those annoying notifications… There are just too many. That’s where Analytics comes in.

Person, Animal, Vehicle… It knows the Difference.

Video Analytics allows you to get smarter video alerts on things that matters to you. It actively detects and distinguishes between people, animals and vehicles to reduce nuisance alerts. Combine that with virtual tripwires and fenced-in activity zones, you can enhance your perimeter security.

What Triggers an Alert?

Once a person, vehicle or animal is detected, customers receive an alert with a thumbnail image of what was caught on camera. You control what should trigger a video alert and what can be ignored.

For example, when a:

  • Person enters their yard at night, but not animals
  • Car pulls into your driveway, but not when it drives by
  • Pet gets on the sofa, but not when it walks around the room
  • Person loiters on their porch, but not when mail is delivered

More clips Increase Awareness

The Forest Pro Video with Analytics package includes 3,000 video clips per month. That’s three times more than other service plans so you are sure to get all the informative clips you will need.

Reduce False Alerts

Video Analytics helps reduce nuisance alerts and false notifications from shadows, rain and other non-actionable motion.

Automate Lights – Deter Crime

Deter unwanted intruders from approaching your property by having your lights turn on when a car, person or animal is detected by the camera giving the illusion that you are home, even if you are not. Most break-ins occur when no one is at home so, stop crime before it happens.

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