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Security and Privacy for the Connected Home




Home security has evolved from the traditional burglar alarm into an entire system of automation convenience. All of today’s security devices can work together to make your home not only safer but smarter too. But, are all these devices safe from prying eyes? We see news stories all the time about a home system being hacked allowing unauthorized access to personal data. No wonder there are concerns about connected devices and systems.


DIY Devices

We mostly see these data break-ins to entry level DIY devices. If they are not encrypted and set up properly, they can easily be hacked.  Not to mention the install… Over 33% of smart home device owners have problems getting their apps to work correctly. Nearly 40% can’t get their devices integrated to work together.

Professional Equipment

Don’t let a concern about privacy influence your decision to make your property more security with connected devices. Professional encrypted security equipment installed properly keeps your home and businesses safe and protects your privacy.



Let’s start with the security panel. Our E911 processes technology and analytics within the panel itself, so private data stays private. See more here: Forest E911 Control Panel | Forest Security



Our peripheral sensors are encrypted which provide enhanced security and reduce the risk of takeover


Smart Home

Everything is integrated in our professionally installed system. The E911 panel controls your smart home ecosystem with Z-Wave plus S2 encryption. It makes everything more secure and smart too.


Service & Maintenance

If there is anything that is not working properly with our professionally installed equipment, help is just a phone call away. When your home or business is protected with our security system, you want your protection to be in complete working order at all times. DIY systems rely on you to diagnose and repair any issue that arises. A professional Forest Security System is kept in perfect working order by the professionals. We offer maintenance programs to keep your equipment in perfect working order well into the future.


Privacy and Security

Don’t let concern over privacy stop you from keeping your home and businesses safe. With a Forest Security System, we make sure your property is protected and your privacy is protected too.


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