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Security Without Boundaries

Do you have property or equipment to protect but its location is just too far away from your security system to communicate? In the past you didn’t have much of a choice, but you do now. The Flex IO™ is a sensor with virtually no range limitations.  It can be installed anywhere there is cellular coverage.

Communication is key

So how does it work? The Flex IO sensor has its own LTE cellular communicator so it doesn’t need a panel, hub or Wi-Fi. It is wireless, weatherproof and doesn’t have to be plugged in, so it really has no boundaries. It can work as a standalone security solution or as an expansion to your existing Forest Security System.

Stay In the Know

Just like your security system, you will get real time alerts from Flex IO. Know when a gate or shed door is opened, closed, or left open for a period of time. Get immediate notification if equipment such as an ATV, boat, golf cart, or RV is accessed or moved. Even get reminders at the end of the day if the side gate or shed door wasn’t closed.

Not Just for Gates or Doors

The Flex IO can work with a pull apart sensor. You can secure just about anything with this including tools or vehicles like a motorcycle, tractor, golf cart, jet ski, ATV, just about anything. It is designed to work with pull apart sensors like the Magnapull heavy duty magnetic pull-apart cord from Interlogic, magnetic pull-apart switch or bar from Nascom, or the door magnetic switch from Seco-Larm. When the Flex IO pairs up with a pull apart sensor, it can protect almost anything.

Stand Alone or Connected

You don’t need a security system for the Flex IO to work. It communicates with its own built in LTE cellular radio. But what if you have a security system? do you need a separate app to use the Flex IO? Absolutely not, it talks to your Forest Security system and is controlled through the same easy to use app so everything works together. Stay informed about pertinent activity detected by the Flex IO sensor through real-time notifications and customizable alerts configured through your mobile app.


Battery Life

The Flex IO has an expected battery life of more than two years so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

“The Flex IO sensor expands the boundaries of smart property monitoring while redefining the uses for an activity sensor,” said Alison Slavin, co-founder and senior vice president at “It’s an extremely versatile solution that’s ready for the challenge of what home or business owners want to monitor without being restricted by location.”


Call 708-452-2000 or contact Forest (below) for more information about Flex IO and expand your protection boundaries today!



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