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Smart Security Extends Beyond Your Home

What can Smart Home Security do for you in 2022? It can also protect your car!

Your Forest Security app sends you notifications about your security system so you always know what is going on at your home or business. Now your same system can send you notifications about your automobile.

Keep A Watchful Eye

As parents we worry, especially when our teen gets their drivers license. Now you can keep a watchful eye, even when you are not in the car with them. Set up a notification to alert you of certain driving behaviors like sudden acceleration, hard braking, or excessive speeding.


City Parking

City living also comes with city parking. Many of us park in front of our homes on the street leaving our automobiles unprotected. Now you can be alerted if there is any unexpected movement while the engine is off including being broken into, crashed into, being towed or being stolen. With the GPS system, you will be able to see its exact location if it is towed or stolen.

Make Maintenance a Breeze

Keeping an eye on maintenance is also a breeze with Connected-Car. You can be notified about diagnostics such as your check engine light is on, you have a low battery or even low fuel level.

Add On or Stand Alone Feature

Connected Car from Forest can be added on to your home or business security system or used as a stand-alone service. Just another way Forest is working to keep you and your family safe and protected.

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