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Smart Security to Help The Transition To School Season This Year

The New School Season…

It’s back to school season!  Things can really get hectic when everything including schedules and routines change. Forest is here to help make this transition a bit easier.

We are dedicated to keeping your home and family secure with smart home technology. It can recognize if something important was forgotten and alert you right away. With smart automation, you can usually fix the problem with the simple click of a button.

Here are just four of the ways that Smart Home Alerts that will help ease you back into the school season.

1: Security Reminders

As you rush around getting everyone ready for their day, it is easy to forget to make sure your home is secure as you are getting everyone in the car.

With Forest’s smart home technology, you will receive an alert that tells you what you forgot. The alert will include a button that controls your smart devices, whether you forgot to lock your front door, close the garage, turn on the security system, just with the touch of a button.

2: User Code Alerts

Are they home from school yet? That is a worry on every parent’s mind. When your child enters their unique code to unlock the door or turn off the security system, your Forest Smart Security System can send you a text message confirming they are home.

3: Smart Video Clips

You got the alert they are home, but did they bring friends home with them when they are not supposed to? Forest has a solution for that too. A smart clip from your video camera sends a clip right to your phone so you know who is coming through the front door. It can be set to trigger when your children’s unique code is used so you won’t get inundated with irrelevant clips.

4: Door Left Open Alert

Now that they are home you can rest assured all is okay, or can you? A simple safeguard like a “Door Left Open Alert” triggered by the doors contact sensor being left open too long, can keep them safe until you get home.

Not only can Forest’s Smart Security tell you when something like this happens, it can also adjust your thermostat until the door is secure to help save energy.

Real Time Alerts help keep your home and family Safe and Smart!

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