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Smart Technology for Safe, Secure Senior Living


Connected technology goes a long way to provide safe and more comfortable living for seniors living independently.


As the senior population grows, so does the need for technology to help in well-being. Seniors are more active and want their independence, even if a little assistance is needed from time to time. Thankfully, technology now has the ability to help aging adults along with their caregivers with unobtrusive monitoring mixed with real-time alerts and notifications.

So just how does this all this work? Let’s take a closer look.


Medicine Management

For those who have devices like Google home or Alexa, a simple reminder may be all that is needed… Hey Google/Alexa, set a reminder everyday to take medication at 6pm.  With A Forest Security & Wellness System, the caregiver can also receive an alert if a medicine cabinet hasn’t been opened by a specific time.


Daily Movement and Exercise

Voice assistance can help here too by suggesting that it’s time to take a walk or time to get some exercise but you want to be sure this is happening. Motion detectors can be set to check for activity and actually learn activity patterns. You can receive notifications confirming all is ok and also receive notifications if they are not.




Sensors and Activity Patterns

Chair and bed sensors along with motions detectors and contacts also monitor activity level and learn activity patterns making sure our loved ones are safe and healthy.


Checking In

Let’s face it, no one wants to be watched on security cameras in their own home. It’s invasive and uncomfortable. We have a better solution…

Add a Wellcam to your loved one’s home and extend your own home’s blanket of Forest Security protection and the peace of mind it brings. Check in with a two-way call.  Wellcam’s call-out button lets your loved one easily initiate a hands-free call to your Forest Security app without having to find or dial your number. When you want to contact them, a corresponding button in your app puts you straight through to Wellcam’s clear, high-quality speaker.


Check in visually:  Wellcam’s 180-degree camera, with 1080p resolution and 6mp zoom, can cover a wide area like a kitchen or living room in high definition.


If you don’t have time to talk, but need to quickly verify that everything is okay, Wellcam makes it easy to check in in real time. If you’re using Wellcam to monitor a specific area of the home, like the hallway or front door area, video alerts can show you important activity as it happens.



Keeping families safe is our number one priority, whether it’s burglar alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance systems or access control, we are here to make protecting your home, family and property safer and smarter. Call for your free security proposal today 708-452-2000




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