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Thinking of a DIY Security system?

Cost Effective?




Is a DIY system really cost effective?  DIY kits make it look easy to set up and install but who do you contact for help if there is a problem? Are the contacts and detectors covering the most vulnerable access areas in your home? Are you sure it will work at the most critical time, when it is needed? Who is monitoring your system? If there is an emergency, who will call for help?




Don’t Lose Out On The Expertise!



As you can see, the main drawback to a DIY kit, is you lose out on the expertise and many services a professional security company, like Forest, offers. Forest systems are completely integrated. All devices work together for truly enhanced security. For instance, an outdoor camera that detects motion can also trigger the front porch or interior light to turn on to emulate someone being at home. If your heat or AC is running when a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs, your system can pause your thermostat to stop toxic fumes from spreading.… and so much more.



Experienced Security Professional:


Consider the extensive experience a professional security installer, like Forest, brings to the table. We survey your home to see all the areas that may be vulnerable to intrusion. We know all the latest technologies to use that will protest these areas. We work with home and business owners every day to develop the best and most cost-effective way to protect you and your property.


Professional Monitoring:


Once your system is installed, we are still there every day, professionally monitoring your system. If ever the need arises, we are there to dispatch authorities and get the emergency help you need.


Easy, Affordable, Professional:

Protect Your Home, Your Family, Your Business with the Best… Forest Security/ Call or Contact us today for your Free Security Analysis:  (Contact Us Below)


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