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What Is Identity Theft Protection?

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What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a serious crime that occurs when someone uses your personal information without permission to open an account or accesses financial records. It can happen anyone and it’s important for all of us to be aware and protected.

How identity theft happens

Data sharing & tracking:

The data we share with companies we do business with may make life easier, but it’s not always safe. Companies can be breached and your private information can be stolen. The may share or sell your data to third parties for their own purposes – which means you have little control over your sensitive material once it’s out there.


Data breaches:

You may have faith in companies to store your personal information, but sometimes they fail because of weak or outdated security protocols.


Credit card skimming:

Malicious intruders are using hard-to-spot ATM skimming devices to extract credit card numbers and PINs. These criminals then sell the information on dark web markets for profit, which can have a large impact in someone’s life if they’re affected by this crime!


Phishing attacks:

Phishing emails used to be obvious. They were poorly written and looked fake. Skip forward to today and phishing emails have become clever and authentic looking. They could bait you into clicking a link or opening an attachment, and giving away sensitive information.


Social media scams:

Social media accounts connect and inspire us, but sharing too much personal data can leave you exposed to data theft or account takeover fraud.


Using public WiFi:

Coffee shops and the like are great places to work, but they also present opportunities for hackers to access unsecured devices on the same network. Never use public WiFi to transmit sensitive information.



How identity thieves can use your information


Collect your tax refund:

If someone fraudulently files your taxes before you do, they’ll get a return in your name possibly creating issues taking years to unravel.


Open accounts in your name:

Criminals can use your information to get credit cards, cell phone accounts, and personal loans and more, in your name.


Use your name if arrested:

An imposter with fake credentials can claim to be you when cited for traffic or misdemeanor violations, then fail to show up in court.


Get medical treatment:

If your healthcare information is stolen, someone can receive costly treatments in your name.



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