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Your Smart Home Devices Need Protection Too

Everything’s Connected


It’s almost easier to list what’s not connected in our homes these days, than to list what is. Who would have thought just a few short years ago that we would connect things like our stoves, refrigerators, TVs, speakers, or doorbells (just to name a few) to the internet? IoT devices now reach into the billions worldwide with a lot of thanks to smart home devices.

Why would anyone hack into our toasters?

We understand the need for high security on items like video cameras. Just the thought of a stranger being able to see our home camera video feeds is frightening. But why would anyone want to hack into our smart toaster or water faucet?  Do they really care how much hot water I dispensed today or how many pieces of toast my family ate? They don’t, that has nothing to do with what they are after.

Our entire home network is only as secure as our least secure device. If a cyber-criminal can hack into your toaster or reading lamp, they potentially can get  access to the entire home network that it is connected to, along with all your other devices and data.

It All Begins

So where do we start trying to protect all our IoT home devices? As always, it all begins with the password. Many of these devices are all sold with a common default password. Even though we are instructed to, some of us don’t change or barely change this unsecured login. Cyber-criminals select a type of device that they want to attack and can easily get in with a default or low security password.

Also, many of us do not keep up on updates for our products. We don’t take the time or are concerned about glitches when doing updates. Many of these updates include security patches for software flaws which make devices susceptible to attack.

Take the Time

No one likes to go through the hassle of multi-factor authentication but it works. Once the initial setup is done, most devices also allow you to trust the login device so you don’t have to get an access code to log in each time. This creates a strong barrier for hackers.

Upgrades are Important

When is the last time you replaced your router? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it is not the motto here. Older routers have older security measures in place. They are more prone to attack. If you rent yours from your internet provider, see if they have newer models available and ask to be upgraded. If you own your own, check out the newest ones on review sites. You’ll be more secure and probably faster too.

Enjoy Your Safe, Smart Home

There are so many devices that make their way into our homes to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable. We must remember these are connected devices. To be safe, all our connected devices need to be protected.



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