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3 Men Stormed Skokie Business

3 Men Stormed Skokie Business, Bound Owner With Duct Tape and Ransacked His Home

82-year-old business owner and his secretary were bound with duct tape at work while attackers ransacked the owner’s home.

By Tim Moran (Patch Staff)

SKOKIE, IL – Three men armed with cutting instruments stormed into a family business in Skokie and bound the owner and an employee with duct tape before stealing the owner’s keys and ransacking the elderly man’s home.

Police in Skokie are on the lookout for three men, all described as Hispanic, who entered Troost Memorials at 9853 Gross Point Road just before noon on Friday and bound both the 82-year-old male business owner and a 56-year-old woman who is a secretary at the business with duct tape, according to a statement from the Skokie Police Department.

The three men left the pair inside the business, took the keys to the man’s home in the 9800 block of Keeler and ransacked it. It’s unknown whether anything was taken.

The three thieves were wearing baseball hats and sunglasses during the takeover, and police haven’t been able to identify any suspects.

Contact the Skokie Police Department at (847) 982-5900 with any information.

photo via Google Maps

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