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Forest Makes it Easy and Affordable to Upgrade Your Outdated Security System


Advancement in home security technology increases at an amazing pace. It seems every few months something newer and greater is released. And with every new advance, it makes your home and family a bit more safe and secure. But you have a home security system. It seems to work so if it’s not broke, why fix it?

There are so many reasons to upgrade and of course cost is at the top of the list. Many times, Forest can upgrade your system and offer you the same or even lower monthly costs. The newest technology Forest base system starts at only $39.95 a month an includes all the following:


Wireless Communications

Old security systems used telephone land lines to dial a central monitoring station in an emergency event. These old systems only tested monthly so if your telephone line was interrupted or cut you may not know for weeks or longer. Your security system would look like it is working fine, but it had no way to communicate, which is the perfect opportunity for burglars.

Security systems now use cellular radios and the best systems also use Wi-Fi backup for dual communication paths. These paths are continuously monitored so you will be alerted if there is a loss on either connection.


Remote Control

Is your system too old to connect remotely to your smartphone, tablet of computer? Forest’s system will allow you to control, view and monitor your home security from anywhere. And if you have old devices in place like door/window contacts, chances are they will work just fine with a new system. See more about the mobile app here


New Control Panel

Did you see what the newest control panels can do? Take a look here for and see what the most advanced security panel can do, like recognizing you and disarming, just by seeing your face. Yes, this panel is available as a Forest Security Upgrade or new install. See more about our newest control panel here


Let’s Make it Smart

Now you have the new panel, you also have the option to add all the Smart Home devices you desire. Smart Lights, Smart Locks, Remote Thermostats, Video Cameras, Video Doorbell, Garage Door Integration, and even Connected Car. There is so much you can control and keep secure with one mobile app. See more about Smart Options here


Forest’s Top Reasons to Upgrade


  • Eliminate that landline connection and telecom expense – it is not secure
  • Increase your security with cellular/Wi-Fi dual connectivity
  • Control of your security system remotely with your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Remotely control your lights, door locks, thermostats and more
  • Integrate Amazon Alexa or Google Home with your home security system
  • Better manage your energy costs with Smart thermostats/Smart Lighting and “smart scenes”
  • Affordable alarm monitoring saves you money month after month
  • Adding video surveillance to your home so you know when kids arrive home, what pets are doing while home alone, watching over elder family members
  • Expand current security coverage adding sensors
  • Keep your family protected with the best security


Forest really does make it easy and affordable to upgrade your current security or install a brand-new system. Give us a call at 708-452-2000. You’ll be glad you did.





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